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Ibtisam Al Jashmi

OMAN - Tourism

Ibtisam Al Jashmi

Executive Partner, Sabeen Group


Ibtisam Al Jashmi is the Executive Partner of Sabeen, a company established in Oman in 2007. The group is run by three committed entrepreneurs developing investment in nine sectors and operating in five countries that further add value to the development and growth of the economy. She holds a BSc in water technology engineering from Sultan Qaboos University.

TBY talks to Ibtisam Al Jashmi, Executive Partner of Sabeen Group.

How would you explain the competitive advantage of Sabeen Group in the Sultanate?

Sabeen Group has always considered itself as an innovative and creative company, not only in the type of projects and companies that it invests in, but also in the way we execute these projects and operate them that gives great degree of confidence on their success. We are proud of our talented team at all levels in our group, who play major role to each success Sabeen done to date. Furthermore, the thorough screening and selection of each investment opportunity that we develop play a critical factor as well. There are great opportunities in Oman for SMEs that entrepreneurs look for in all business sectors.

How are the values of the group aligned with the Vision 2040?

At Sabeen, our main criteria when doing business is that investments in Oman come first. Our investment pipeline includes opportunities that are fully aligned with Oman 2040 vision. We promote investments opportunities to foreign as well as local investors. Although Oman market is perceived to be an easy to do business especially for SMEs, our success over the 14 years demonstrate how much the country and government support SMEs—we have not been disappointed by the Omani market, and this has encouraged Sabeen to pursue investments in new business sectors and expand existing businesses.

Which main challenges you have faced as a businesswoman in the large investment sector?

It has been an exhilarating, thrilling, and most adventurous journey of my professional life. Personally, it has been a fascinating journey that I will cherish for the years to come. The whole team at Sabeen Group has been tremendous and extremely supportive. They have provided me with all the assistance I required and more, and I am extremely grateful to each and every one of them. Although the business environment in Oman support SMEs, businesswomen do face challenges mainly in wider acceptance of the society for women to lead enterprises, though we see significant improvements year on year.



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