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Imad Khaled


Imad Khaled

Saudi Arabia - Area Managing Director, Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC)


Imad Khaled is Saudi Arabia – Area Managing Director for Consolidated Contractors Company (CCC).

“The aim of this initiative is to maintain CCC’s position and legacy as a market leader.“

Can you tell us about the scope of your business in Saudi Arabia?

At present, we are working in an integrated Joint venture with Bechtel and Al Mabani on Lines 1 & 2 of the Riyadh Metro and with a consortium with Siemens. We are also working on other oil and gas projects in Jizan with ARAMCO as well as a project for Jeddah Airport with Bin Laden Group. We are also looking at the smart cities and entertainment facilities to be built in NEOM, The Red Sea, AMAALA, Qiddiya, and Diriyah. We believe we can help the government to achieve its Vision2030. We can bring valuable knowledge and experience mainly as a General Contractor where we can handle a wide range of services encompassing project management, engineering, procurement, construction and installation for multi discipline construction contracts.

What role does Saudi Arabia play in CCC’s portfolio?

We have been continuously working in Saudi Arabia for almost 60 years, and on average, 20% of CCC’s revenues per year have been generated in Saudi Arabia. Our scope of work covered building, heavy civil and road works, and oil & gas related projects. For example, we constructed the College of Petroleum followed by the University of Petroleum, Jubail Commercial Harbor, Jeddah III Power and Desalination, Ministry of Petroleum Viaduct in Riyadh now called Gulf Bridge, Ras Tanura Refinery, Hawiyah and Haradh GOSPs, Shaybah Infrastructure, Residential & Industrial Complex, Shaybah Producing Facilities, Kharasaneyah Gas Plant, and Jazzan Aramco Oil & Gas Development etc. As you can see, CCC is fully committed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Can you tell us about your work on the Riyadh Metro?

Riyadh Metro is the biggest urban project in the world. It is extremely challenging to construct six lines in Riyadh city at the same time. It demands close coordination between various parties involved with the construction to ensure the minimum disruption to the residents of Riyadh, the interface involved with Utility relocation, traffic diversion and the project completion schedule. The project is progressing well and we started the train test runs of Line 2. We take pride in being part of this project. It has been a great experience for us as it is our biggest project to date.

What is your growth projection for the construction sector in Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a big country and is continuously developing. Major growth will be in the infrastructure and buildings related to planned growth of tourism such as the Red Sea Development, health care, and developing new oil & gas fields such as Jafurah Gas Field.

What will Saudi Arabia’s economy look like in 10 years?

We can expect the economy to be more diverse and less dependent on oil revenues. We can also expect growth in tourism related industries, more Private Public Partnerships (PPP) especially in transportation, healthcare, and utilities such as telephone and electricity. Water privatization is already well-developed, and we expect more Saudis involved in both the white color and the blue color labor sector. Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Gulf region with geographical diversity and huge potential for the tourism sector.

Can you tell us a bit about the role of sustainability in CCC projects?

CCC is a proud supporter of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and is contributing towards them in several ways such as aligning sustainability priorities with the relevant SDGs and sharing our sustainability performance publicly based on the GRI Standards. Our sustainability initiatives, core values of CO2 reduction and sustainable construction from remote locations have benefited local communities where we work and we have provided these locations with vocational training.

What is CCC’s strategy to innovate and support start-ups, and how does that help CCC’s position as a market leader?

Inspired by the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) vision for the future of construction and guided by the emerging technologies highlighted in their latest reports, CCC announced in 2017 the “CCC Innovation and R&D initiative” as a major milestone for the years to come. The aim of this initiative is to maintain CCC’s position and legacy as a market leader, not only by improving current practices but also by finding a new niche for itself in the marketplace. CCC created an R&D task force to source internal process improvement as well as business opportunities arising from these technologies. The initiatives later on extended to cover startup strategic partnerships to drive the transformation imperatives and develop pilot projects as a proof of value.



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