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R&D and new technologies have made it all the more possible to dramatically improve people's lives today and improve the overall standard of healthcare.

José Zea

Co-founder & CEO,

Our mission at Arkangel AI is to enable people to live free of preventable diseases. We do this through early disease detection using computer vision. We tailor to diseases that are from the global south such as malaria and tuberculosis. We also work to produce technology specifically for rural medical centers, for instance diagnostic machines that do not require internet access or that are simple to use. Arkangel is a multi-channel platform so depending on the disease you could use it on smartphones, both iOS and Android, as well as on the web. For example, processing chest X-rays is usually done on a large screen, and one can now process the images through an API platform. Once one has the electronic medical record, one can ask the back end of Arkangel to process the images. It is a multi-channel platform that can be used in different ways. To promote its use, the software is designed to be simple in its layout and easy to take on board.

Juan Marrone

CEO, Celnova Pharma

Medtronic has solid business in Colombia, and the company’s future is bright. We are actively supporting the recovery of the health sector in the country. Medtronic has built resource centers focused on post-pandemic recovery that work on training, best practices, and solutions that help physicians and hospitals find all the information they need to prepare for after the pandemic. Medtronic has more than 20 units grouped in 4 portfolios: surgical, cardiovascular, neuroscience and diabetes. The majority of these business lines are showing signs of recovery. We started slow but are seeing upward trends. We are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and are planning for a better fiscal year 2022. Medtronic embraced being virtual and digital with customers and patients. We already had products to assist doctors through virtual means, for instance, Carelink, a product for the remote monitoring of patients.

Juan Toro

VP Latam, Juan Toro

Celnova was created with the idea of becoming a regional player. We decided to rise to the challenge of building a regional pharmaceutical company, able to preserve and improve the lives of patients, with a focus on providing complex and innovative medicines. Having a regional presence was key, as it provided us with the scale and expertise to develop and launch complex molecules as well as the possibility of establishing partnerships with important multinational pharmaceutical companies that do not have a presence in Latam. We act as their commercialization, distribution, and promotional arms in the region. We now have operations through wholly owned subsidiaries in Argentina, Colombia, Chile, and Peru. Establishing long-term partnerships is a process that involves different aspects.

Santiago Jaramillo

General Manager, LifeFactors

LifeFactors has a direct impact in the transformation of the Colombian pharmaceutical industry, due to the implementation of R&D and production facilities in the country. This means, reducing the current dependency on imports of blood-based medicines, generating value chains around production, but most important, providing enough high-quality medicines for patients that depend on these products while lowering the acquisition cost for the government. The current dependency on imports brings several situations for Colombia and most developing countries. LifeFactors is changing those situations not only for Colombia but for its neighbors, such as Latam countries. It is important for LifeFactors to create a collaborative ecosystem in the whole healthcare chain, from blood banks to patient treatment, this includes enhancing quality across all processes.



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