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Christian Veloza

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In Fit Electro Club

CEO, In Fit Electro Club


Christian Veloza is a Colombian businessman focused on the health and wellness sector, with wide experience in trade and medical equipment in the region. He has a master’s in health and safety at work with professional development in the field of health.

TBY talks to Christian Veloza, CEO of In Fit Electro Club, on health and education sector.

How did the idea of setting up In Fit come about, and why Panama?

In Fit is a dynamic brand that comes with the need to offer a personalized training for people who want to make a change in their lives, but do not have enough time to do it—an electro stimulation suit that facilitates muscle movement straight to the eight deepest muscle groups fibers—chest, abs, arms, upper middle and lower back, buttocks, and legs—the equivalent of exercising for 20 minutes with a professional trainer. After market research in different Latin American cities, we decided to open our first club in Panama due to the country’s economic growth. The first to offer this kind of training, we have three strategically located clubs in Panama City.

Fitness products and centers are already quite popular. How do you stand out?

Innovation and excellent service are our mainstays, which is why we have fitness assistants who schedule daily appointments and provide continuous monitoring to our partners and customers to help them achieve their goals. We also have a club suitable for the attention of a single person by taking measurements every eight sessions and offering protein post-workout, showers, and amenities.

What are some of the benefits of using In Fit system instead of a traditional gym?

We always describe the training in In Fit as a unique experience, and this is due to, among other things, the electro stimulation whose popularity has been increasing worldwide, since it mixes traditional functional exercises with the impulses that go directly to the deeper fibers of the muscle, which helps control weight loss, activate metabolism, increase muscle mass, and rehabilitate musculoskeletal injuries. In Fit works with a unique special suit, and our 20 minutes are equivalent to two to three hours of conventional exercise. We also offer unique privacy since in other centers one has to wait to use the machines, while our staff are always ready to conduct the proper follow-up, making people’s objectives easier to achieve.



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