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Rahib Huseynaga Rzayev was born in Baku on August 4, 1961. After finishing secondary school, he entered the Azerbaijan Institute of Civil Engineering. Starting from 1978, he worked in power engineering. He held various positions in Bakielektriksabaka, and PU’s Electrical Installation department, before moving to Bakelektro. Since December 4, 2003, he has been the Director of zhwvv.

Here at General Board System, known as GBS throughout Azerbaijan, we are responsible for carrying out the application of electrical equipment manufactured by leading companies in the field of electrical […]

Here at General Board System, known as GBS throughout Azerbaijan, we are responsible for carrying out the application of electrical equipment manufactured by leading companies in the field of electrical technology. Our other main function concerns the integration of Azerbaijan into the world market in this sphere. With our rich experience and well-earned reputation, GBS has successfully implemented large-scale projects both in Azerbaijan and abroad. The professionalism of our employees and the stable relations that we enjoy with our partners and customers helps actively promote the development of the company’s expansion into new areas. The skilled specialists employed at GBS are constantly working to prepare new projects in this regard. Furthermore, we consistently look for ways to improve and add to the conceptual development of the electric power industry of the country.

As a major step in the history of the company, we purchased a license from Siemens AG Company in 2008 to manufacture a certain type of electrical distribution panels called Siemens Sivacon 8PT. The manufacturing of these panels was initiated at our plant and the entire process had to take place in line with Siemens licensing conditions and standards, which meet all international standards. These panels are well-known for their high quality performance as well as their versatility and reliability. The Sivacon 8PT panels were able to solve many problems in the electric distribution regime of the country, especially for buildings and industrial facilities, and proved to be an excellent value-added investment. These 8PT panels are assembled according to the number of sections, size, and layout of electrical devices used in manufacturing, as well as on the main circuit current. Our customers have come to appreciate the panel’s exceptional design and long term, reliable operation. We have also successfully launched the production of SM6 panels as well.

GBS is home to IEC and GOST proficient production and test facilities, which are used in the manufacturing of switchgear equipment. We effectively use modern equipment and advanced technologies to provide for a faster execution phase and overall better results. In addition, the design and technical specifications of 6-35kV high-voltage switchgear equipment and other 0.4kV switchgear equipment were developed according to GOST and international standards. Apart from switchgear equipment, we are also involved in metalworking and the production of cable ducts, which we are able to test in our own internationally accredited testing zones. My company employs software supporting equipment for when it needs to carry out high-tech operations as well.
The innovative sales department of GBS works to render services to our customers at the highest possible level. The inventive approach that we take allows for us to sell our products and services with a great level of success. My employees work hard to follow the company policy of ensuring superior quality for the customers. The overall mission of GBS is to provide a positive contribution to the development of the economy by applying advanced technologies that allow for the manufacturing of products in line with modern standards. Looking to the future, we are working on strengthening our image as a company known for its flawless work both in Azerbaijan and in the international arena. Our vision and strategy is to become an even more reliable, competitive, and internationally recognized company in the global energy sector. We aim to increase the strength of our international image to attract new foreign partners, contribute to the growing success of the company, and to maintain our leading position in the electric power industry of Azerbaijan. The core of our values as a company revolves around the principles of respect, effective and fair competition, environmental protection, and stable, safe and healthy labor conditions for all of our personnel. GBS is a company on a mission to achieve success.



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