The Business Year

Greater innovation in machinery helps companies optimize their fleet, reduce operational failures, and improve operations.

Leonardo Rincón

National Manager, Dinissan Maquinaria

We have seen many market changes in the last five years and decided to implement a new strategy in Colombia, including a big change in the brands and services we offer. We started this process years ago and today have a partnership with New Holland Construction. Basically, we target different points for the future, centered on our customer success and machine uptime. One of these points is to implement new technology such as automation to make work easier and more efficient. Another is to continue increasing our capacity to provide a full line of services to all our customers in different branches. We are creating a new way of providing our infield services to our clients. In this last area, spare parts availability, short lead times, and specialized technicians covering all the country are drivers for the operation. We work with our customers to design together the solution that best fits their needs. All our brands are among the top three in the country, and for that position, it is important to have a high-quality product and world-class support. Today, we are adding value to those brands through the services we provide in Colombia.

William Benavides

Country Manager, Atlas Copco

We are committed to reducing costs for our customers. We are focused on productivity and reliability, which means we want to be efficient in terms of energy and be the best provider of solutions in the market. Our focus on reducing energy consumption could account for more than 75% less of the cycle of life of a product in general; we work hard to reduce our energy consumption and to help our clients to achieve their goals. In terms of innovation, it is our commitment to think every day about how we can make a difference by focusing on performance, which is the real added value that we can deliver to our customer. At Atlas Copco, we are always finding new ways to improve our products and processes such as marketing, logistics, or service. Innovation is in our DNA and we focus on innovating the entire value chain. For us, the key word is segmentation. We actively work every day to improve customer satisfaction and to us, size does not matter. Our portfolio comprises of multinational companies but also small companies who are looking to grow, and we are willing to grow with them. Our main focus is customer satisfaction, and this is the key word for us.

Patricio Pereira

General Manager, Patricio Pereira

For Komatsu Colombia, the great challenge is that the regional mining business is usually focused on metal mining and copper and gold extraction, though Colombia is different because it has the mechanism of coal mining as a large mining project. Our technological capacity can contribute to the development of that mining exploitation, making a great contribution to the region. Being able to use technological developments such as autonomous equipment operations, Komatsu’s technological capacity and understanding of its brand could allow us to execute a much safer, more efficient operation in the total cost ownership and development of machines. Another important role is being able to transfer technical knowledge so that Komatsu has the experience to contribute to the people who execute the maintenance and operation in the mine. We want to be able to positively impact the surrounding regions. Coal mining in Colombia is in a fairly complex region, La Guajira. Therefore, one of our goals in 2018 and beyond is to strengthen our sustainability policy of development and innovation in the way of adding value with a positive impact, not only the execution of the business but in the surrounding communities.



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