The Business Year

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The pandemic has resulted in both difficulties and new opportunities, with companies in industry looking at news ways to become more efficient and more productive, with new applications such as Industry 4.0 and IoT.

Alejandro Lara

VP, American Industries

In 2021, we are working on seven new manufacturing projects that will create more than 1,500 clients. About 80,000sqm of new space has already been rented. We mainly work with the automotive, electric engineering, and aerospace sectors. The aerospace, manufacturing, and furniture manufacturing sectors have experienced some contractions due to the pandemic. We are also working with logistics, which has experienced significant growth due to the pandemic. In terms of technology, we have a robust platform. We have the most recent updates of the systems that we use for foreign trade, the purchases division, and human resources. We seek to have the best and most updated platform of this kind in the country. We have more than 55 clients in Mexico and are highly committed to the development of the country. We seek to attract players to Mexico that bring the best technology so as to strengthen the local manufacturing sector. Our upcoming priorities include the development of 1.5 million sqm of industrial space per year in all the Mexican regions where we operate.

Romualdo Tellerí­a Beltrán

President, Grupo Industrial Telleria

Working as a supplier for the biggest multinationals in the world that have manufacturing facilities and projects in the US, Mexico, Central and South America requires specific strategies adapted to the industry and their specific ways of working. That is why working with them often require not only standard quality certifications, but also certifications that are designed and required by the company we serve. For example, every year we introduce several social, environmental, and compliance best practices at work and other audits directly from our customers, since they want to work with the best. One of our group strategies has been also to specialize our people by industry, so they can easily understand the specific requirements and regulations of each sector, and also specific customer services personnel dedicated to assure our company is accomplishing our commitments. We have 52 years in the market, and our experience working on the most important projects in the region since 1968 demonstrates that we know our job, and we have the know-how to serve them successfully.

Leonardo Romero

General Manager, Leonardo Romero

Helmut Fischer Mexico focused on taking care of its clients during the pandemic. We did not come to a complete halt, because some of our clients were classified as essential sectors. There was an increase in sales in 2020 and thus far in 2021. We seek to not depend on the automotive and aerospace industries, which are important for us. We are also working with infrastructure. We do not want to be highly dependent on the same sector. We are seeking new markets, such as the Mexican southeast, which we tried to enter in 2018. We have some clients in the jewelry industry, which is an important market in Mexico. The rules are also changing for jewelers, because there is a new regulation for these companies. We have clients in that segment in Mérida, such as ARJ, which produces jewelry in Mérida but sells in New York. The goal is not to depend that much on the automotive sector. We want to diversify ourselves. Next year, we expect to grow by at least 8%. We will grow by about 13% in 2021, and we are being slightly more conservative about 2022.

Felipe Mier Martinez Territory

Director, Wavin Mexico & Central America

2021 has been very relevant for our transformation journey toward the future of the company. We were previously known as Amanco in the Mexican and Central America markets, but today we are Amanco Wavin. We have gone through a process of transition and integration becoming a truly global company. Our purpose is to create healthy and sustainable environments. We are bringing the best technologies from around the world, while always maintaining our vast local expertise in each of the countries we operate. We have carried out the message through multiple advertising campaigns aimed at our plumbers and hardware stores. Over the years, Amanco Wavin has gained recognition in the sectors where it participates: building, infrastructure, industrial, and irrigation. Our portfolio consists of piping systems in diverse technologies, such as PVC, CPVC, HDPE, PPR, and others, available now for Latin America, Europe, and Asia. We have ventured into participating more fully in the industrial market.



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