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Mohamed Almulla

UAE, DUBAI - Tourism

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CEO, Arab Media Group


Mohamed Almulla has been working in Dubai Media City since 2001 as Executive Director. He then joined Arab Media Group in November 2008 as CEO. Mohamed oversees all aspects of the corporate brand, which encompasses of three major brands, Arabian Radio Network, Done Events and Global Village. As CEO, Mohamed is at the forefront in setting new strategies and leading the group toward attaining market dominance in entertainment media.

"We are privileged to be trusted and offer the opportunity to contribute to the vision of Dubai."

What is the overall objective of the Arab Media Group (AMG)?

Our objective is to be a leading entertainment and media company. Our primary company is Arabian Radio Network, which is the largest radio operator in the Middle East with nine radio stations covering all major demographics and communities living in the UAE. Three of those stations are English services (Virgin Radio 104.4 FM, Dubai 92 92.0 FM, and Dubai Eye 103.8 FM), two are Asian (City 101.6 FM and Hit FM 97.6 FM), and two are Arabic (Al Arabiya 99 FM and Al Khaleejiya 100.9 FM). Additionally, we operate the very first commercial Farsi radio station (Radio Shoma 93.4 FM) and a Filipino station (Tag 91.1 FM) in the Arab region. We reach over 3.2 million daily listeners, along with 1 million unique monthly visitors every to our apps. To complement our objective, we also operate an events company called Done Events, which has been responsible for bringing many large-scale shows to the Middle East, and Dubai specifically, ranging from Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Usher, Katy Perry, and The Eagles, to Eric Clapton and more. We equally source talent for private companies and manage corporate events. Additionally, Global Village is also part of this entertainment-focused conglomerate. With more than 5 million visitors each season, Global Village is the leading open-air family, cultural, shopping, and entertainment destination in the region with more than 65 participating countries, 3,500 shops, 170 kiosks, and over 12,000 entertainment shows per season. Our strategy is to keep pace with Dubai’s vision and to reflect it into our own activities.

In 2014 you are focusing on Emirati talent in the UAE. Why is it important to accommodate talented locals at Global Village?

First of all, we have to acknowledge that we live and operate in UAE, meaning our home base will be a priority. We would not have been able to achieve this growth without the vision and the offerings of Dubai. We have taken advantage of Dubai’s infrastructure, logistics, entrepreneur attitude, and ability to attract people. Therefore, our commitment to the city, local community, and roots of growth should be the highest.

How will the Dubai Expo 2020 have an impact on Dubai’s economy and on your business?

Dubai Expo 2020 is one of the largest events Dubai is preparing for, and the increased number of visitors/tourists will have a positive impact on the leisure and events sector. The private and public sectors will all align together in promoting Dubai as the world’s number one destination. At AMG, we believe our group has a significant soft infrastructure to offer. All our subsidiaries (ARN, Done Events, and Global Village) are working on enhancing the experience not only for visitors, but Dubai residents alike. A total of 120,000 attended Done Events’ concerts in 2013. ARN has invested heavily in its digital apps, which keep listeners connected around the world as well as informed about Dubai’s developments. Global Village is a spectacular multicultural entertainment destination attracting over 5 million visitors annually, and we believe it is a reflection of a mini-expo already.

“We are privileged to be trusted and offer the opportunity to contribute to the vision of Dubai.”

What are the major sectors of interest for visitors to Global Village?

Last year’s statistics show that 29% of the visitors value entertainment activities the most, while 22% of visitors visit the funfair ground, and 25% enjoy shopping. We put a great focus on areas of the highest value for people; as a result, we are investing heavily in infrastructure and quality including collaborations with external parties. This year is the first time we collaborated with a UK-based fun fair operator, the Mellors Group.

How would you describe the relationship between AMG and its partners?

Our partners are investing their time and resources with us, and we are obliged to ensure that they make the right decision. It is not about convincing people, but offering an attractive business proposition. Global Village has 5 million visitors per season, while ARN has 3.2 million listeners daily, and Done Events caters to 120,000 customers annually. We interact with more than 8 million people every year. We are privileged to be trusted and offer the opportunity to contribute to the vision of Dubai. Addressing all stakeholders’ requirements has always been a responsibility, which we are committed to attain.

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