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Juan Pablo Peñaherrera C.

General Manager, Sidertecnica

Esteban Proaño

General Manager, Sedemi

The Ecuadorian government is stimulating the economy through higher private sector involvement and construction companies form a big part of the new strategy.

Can you tell us about the two business lines that the company is responsible for?

JUAN PABLO PEí‘AHERRERA C. Sidertecnica was established in 2014 with two founders and two business units; the first focused on the engineering and construction of steel structures such as steel buildings and steel grating floors used in oil, gas, and mining facilities. Although these products are small details in the entire infrastructure of a big project, they are extremely important in terms of safety. We represent the German company Meiser in Ecuador to provide high-quality safety standards to the local market. Meiser has operations all over the world and serves the Latin American region from its headquarters in Peru. Its industrial flooring is of the highest technical and safety standards, and we are now working to localize a part of the production, which currently does not exist here. At present, we are handling the engineering, customization, importation, and installation process in Ecuador. The company’s second business line is to function as a local partner for EPC contractors that work on infrastructure projects in the oil and gas sector, particularly hydropower and electric transmission projects. Moreover, we represent Grupo Cunado, a large Spanish group trading industrial supplies and focusing on piping for conductions, all types of industrial pipes, fittings, valves, and several other supplies related to infrastructural work. On a smaller scale, we also partnered with many Ecuadorian and a Chilean company in the mining sector.

In recent years, what has been the composition of your projects in terms of the private and public sectors?

ESTEBAN PROAí‘O In terms of the public sector, the current government has cut government spending and is focusing on the role of the private sector. As a company focused on infrastructure projects for different industrial sectors, we are strongly focused on looking for new opportunities in the private sector. We have been working on important projects with significant investments, such as the expansion of the industrial plant of our client Union Cementera Nacional (UCEM), whose objective is to improve production processes and reduce environmental impacts through the latest technology and new infrastructure. Similarly, “Franz Viegener” (FV Ecuador) is a project with a high investment that includes the expansion of its plants and the implementation of new production lines. In this project, we offered a value proposal that includes the design, the construction of civil works, the metallic infrastructure, and the implementation of all the projects in FV. Another company we are working for at the moment is La Fabril, an innovative infrastructure and technology project. Additionally, we are expanding our solutions in a strong and consistent way to the mining market in Ecuador. Working with Lundin Gold-Aurelian, which is in charge of the Fruta del Norte project, Sedemi is providing the metallic structure for their new buildings and campers.

How do your international partnerships come along?

JPPC Primarily through our reputation and my experience as a business development manager. It is important to stay on top of the developments and to monitor largescale infrastructure projects, such as the Posorja Deepwater Port. With help of a business intelligence strategy, we identify the possible stakeholders and then present ourselves as a strategic supplier to them. For example, we won the trust of Lundin Gold by focusing on added value and offering real technical support and consultancy. Already, we have completed projects in El Salvador, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, and Bolivia. Without local knowledge, it is more likely for projects to exceed budget and time limits.

What are your ambitions and focuses for the coming years?

EP We will focus on metallurgy. The real estate sector in Quito and Guayaquil is improving, and in the medium term, we would like to be part of this important market. On top of this, we are investing in tools for market analysis, looking to recruit specialized staff, and working on a value proposal for the industry sector. Maintaining our industrial plant with state-of-the-art equipment and machinery and complying with the highest standards of quality and safety will continue to be one of our priorities in the future. We will be emphasizing on the Guayaquil market since it is an important market in terms of the industrial and real state axis. We will also look at different cities like Manta and Ambato.



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