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Jaime Parada Ávila

Director General, Institute of Innovation and Technology Transfer

When the authorities began moving toward a knowledge-based economy, we decided to increase the number of R&D centers in Monterrey. Our specific target was to launch at least 100 public and private R&D centers. We built magnificent innovative areas near the airport, and in total we now have 30 centers, one-third of which are partnered with Mexican and US universities. A variety of foreign universities are interested in joining this initiative. Another one-third of these centers are public research centers geared toward different areas. The remaining centers are operated by international and local private companies. This initiative represented a global investment of $350 million, and was built over a period of six years. It was inaugurated recently on a very aggressive schedule. Our goal is to hire a range of 6,000 scientists, researchers, and technicians by 2015. We also have four high-tech incubators designed to connect research with the marketplace directly. These high-tech incubators are in the areas of nanotechnology, biotechnology, sustainable and renewable energy, intelligent housing solutions, IT, and software, creating an ecosystem for innovation. This system is composed of three main ingredients: the presence of public, private, and academic researchers.

Murilo B. Melo

Director General, Praxair Mexico & Central America

Praxair is a leading industrial gas provider, operating in Mexico as a global company with local efficiency and world-class capabilities. We currently have more than 300 production, distribution and customer service sites, a reliable logistics network with nationwide coverage, and 2,500 associates in order to directly supply more than 35,000 customers. In Mexico we have the design, engineering, construction, operations, gas application technology capabilities to meet specific customer requirements with the best and most productive solutions. Praxair products, services, and technology bring productivity and environmental benefits to a wide variety of industries in more than 25 industry sectors, including manufacturing, chemicals, petrochemicals, aerospace, food and beverage, electronics, metals, mining, energy, and healthcare. Our primary products are: atmospheric gases (oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and helium) and process gases (carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and acetylene). We are the leading and largest industrial gas company in North and South America and one of the largest worldwide. We have been growing at double-digit rates in Mexico and we will continue to invest to sustain our market leadership position. We aim to serve our customers with the most reliable industrial and medical gases logistics network, the most innovative production and application technology, and the best developed and most committed talent.

Gilberto Marí­n Quintero

Chairman, Gilberto Marí­n Quintero

We boast a strong penetration rate in Mexico’s consumer healthcare products sector—our products have a 24% share of the market and we are ranked second. To achieve this result we have always put a strong focus on our human resources. We always try to hire the best candidates and invest in training and making our employees happy and motivated. The second element of Grupo PI Mabe’s business model is its strong and continuous investment in innovation and technology. In this field we have registered a total of 199 patents in Mexico and internationally. In addition, we consistently re-invest to improve the quality of our operations and our products. We have registered a good export performance in Central America and in the Caribbean. We are strongly focusing our attention on those markets, and over the last year we have been directing a sound amount of our re-investment budget toward adjusting our products to be more competitive in the international markets, creating value-added. We have to make a small differentiation between the segments—baby diapers and adult diapers. In the baby diaper sector, absorption quality and softness is important, whereas in the adult diaper segment the first factor is price.



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