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Antonio Henriques da Silva

CEO, Aliança Seguros

Armando Mota

CEO, Fidelidade Seguros

To significantly grow insurance penetration in Angola, insurance companies are looking at both boosting the image of the insurance sector and working on better ways to serve customers.
What services do you offer, and what differentiates you from other companies in the sector?

ANTONIO HENRIQUES DA SILVA Aliança Seguros is a young company. We obtained a license from the regulator to operate in the life and non-life business. Our business today is essentially focused on non-life, where we have mandatory products under law, such as auto and workman’s compensation. The main line among insurance companies is the health business. Life insurance in Angola works mainly with bank credit or loans, however the volume of credit provided by Banks is not enough to trigger the increase of life insurance. Our strategy not only depends on bank credit, but on educating the population on the value of insurance coverage against major misfortune. We need to raise the level of the insurance penetration rate in Angola which currently is less than 1%. Our underwriting process is highly responsible. We do not reduce premiums merely to win business as we analyze the business characteristics and the associated risk to them. Another thing that differentiates us from the market is that we are committed to our responsibilities with respect to claims and the management team have experience of more than 20 years in the financial sector.

ARMANDO MOTA We had lost some important clients because we were not able to match the prices, and in 2022, some of these clients returned because the service with the other companies was not up to standard. In 2022, we are seeing the results of the strategy that we designed three or four years ago. On the corporate side, the other clients that stayed with us are growing because the economy is starting to grow as well. We are feeling stronger and have real partnership relationship with our clients. The most important companies in Angola are law clients. We specialize in the private sector, though in 2022, we started doing some business with the state, and we intend to move forward with that. In terms of individual insurance, our 800 salespeople are doing a great job. We are selling about 10,000 policies per month, mostly for motor insurance. Our claims department here has been working well, especially in motor, workers, compensation, and health. We have more than 140,000 individual clients today, and we are growing rapidly. We are extremely satisfied with our progress, and we intend to maintain this growth rate over the next year.

Can you elaborate on your training process for your employees?

AHdS We have two types of training processes. The employees can be training in-house, and we have also training program of Angolan Insurance Association (ASAN), which is a 12-month program that covers several areas of activities such as compliance, finance, marketing, and also management. And even externally, we also have training from our reinsurance partners.

AM Our employees enjoy working here, and this is fundamental to delivering results. Working with a smile makes all the difference. When working in Fidelidade, they can learn many things and have team leaders that are more experienced and pass on knowledge to them. We have about 1,000 employees at Fidelidade currently, and we create the conditions to make them feel they are important. That is reflected in our daily work and the level of service that we deliver back to our clients. We give them the opportunity to learn on the job, and we give them the opportunity to learn from someone with more experience. We strongly believe that the key to the success of Fidelidade is having people who works with a smile.

Who are your partners in the country?

AHdS I will start by mentioning our reference shareholder, which is Banco de Negócios Internacional (BNI). Then, there is Mediplus, the third-party administrator in the management of health insurance. The Angolan Insurance Association (ASAN) and the Angolan Insurance Regulation and Supervision Agency (ARSEG) are working hard in order to modernize the market.

AM We sell through the most important banks; however, our brokers are the most important channel of sales for the company. Wherever we are in the world, we are a broker insurance company; our first sales force is brokers, and Angola is no different. We have a great relationship with our salesforce.



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