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Pedro Escobedo Alcalde Amarildo Barcenas

MEXICO - Diplomacy

Isidro Amarildo Bárcenas Reséndiz

Mayor, Pedro Escobedo


Isidro Amarildo Bárcenas Reséndiz, a native of Querétaro, is a distinguished individual with a strong academic background. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer systems engineering from Instituto Tecnológico de San Juan Del Río and pursued a master’s degree in administrative engineering from Tecnológico de Cuautla Campus San Juan Del Río. As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of GYBO Soluciones Tecnológicas S.A. de C.V. Bárcenas Reséndiz has also contributed to his community, serving as municipal president of Pedro Escobedo during the 2018-2021 administration. Following a successful reelection, he secured a second term for 2021-2024.

"The first objective is to maintain a completely financially clean administration and remain, as we are, without debt."
To better position Pedro Escobedo globally, the municipality has focused on responsible urban development, implementing legislation for housing, industry, and commercial areas, and promoting industrial growth and investment.
What steps is Pedro Escobedo taking to position itself in the international market?

In 2018, a plan was generated to develop the municipality for the following three years. Pedro Escobedo has been characterized by its countryside and natural beauty, and we seek to get people to take more notice and look at Pedro Escobedo as an area to invest in for the industrial sector. Legislation was developed to plan urban development in the area regarding housing, industry, and the commercial area. There have been cities that mix industry and housing too closely, and this can cause conflicts. We want to do all of this responsibly and legally. Our municipality has a large portion of undeveloped land; to date, the land was mostly used for agriculture. Pedro Escobedo and San Juan del Rio have always been closely associated with agriculture in Querétaro. A few years ago, large companies looking for private property started buying plots of land close to the highway. Pedro Escobedo is not only close to Highway 57 but also excellent thermoelectric potential, which is another major plus for the entrepreneurs and companies looking at the area. Furthermore, the two most important freight trains in the country pass through here, and we are 25 minutes away from Querétaro airport. We have also started work to install more fiber optics for the area. We are competing with many other states in Mexico. One differentiator is that we can offer a personalized approach to investors and can welcome them personally too. In 2019, we were able to develop a set of legislative tools that we could offer entrepreneurs, and we decided to go to Amsterdam—the first time a mayor of the municipality had gone abroad to seek investment. We secured our first investment in the agricultural sector for Bandernap, a company involved with compost for berries. The investor was interested in Querétaro because there are many greenhouses here. During the tour, I also spoke to an industrial developer that has extensive experience in Europe and various connections in Spain with investors who are interested in Mexico. We later received an investment from Spain in a park called Las Palmas as well as an American investor that acquired 60ha and a well. In 2022, Bosch also invested in its first warehouse here for MXN4.3 million. It will focus on manufacturing, and Bosch will install the projects in three stages. We have just secured Chinese investment as well.

What sectors can the municipality host as a manufacturing hub?

I see various opportunities in technology at present. Pedro Escobedo has advanced technologically in the last few years, and now nearly all the 80,000 inhabitants have fiber optics. Before, there were no industrial parks in the area, and now we have put in three: Palmas, Exeter, and Trupo Cima, which is setting up warehouses. Investors can clearly see why Pedro Escobedo has experienced the boom that it has given all the various extras that it offers.

What are your main objectives from now until the end of 2024?

The first objective is to maintain a completely financially clean administration and remain, as we are, without debt. We also want to consolidate another two or three polygon parks while also being responsible to the local community and working on infrastructure for them. I am the first mayor to visit each community for at least one hour every year. We have also invested heavily in education and have a campus for the University of Querétaro here. We also have three public preparatory schools and one private one here. The three public schools have not received any federal investment, though the state government has invested MXN3 million in each one every year. We have around 600 students today from our town, and all their transport costs to university is covered by us. They study in San Juan or Querétaro and save an average of MXN3,000-3,500 a month.



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