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Wadi Adventure

OMAN - Tourism

Issa Al Sawafi

Founder, Wadi Adventure


Issa Al Sawafi is the founder of Wadi Adventure. He is a graduate from the College of Education as an English teacher but ended up working at the Ministry of Religious Affairs as an imam, leading prayers. He holds many certification and courses in outdoor adventures such as the Industrial Rope Access Trade Association (IRATA), caving, rope access, outdoor first aid, and many more.

"The official start of the company was in 2017, but the humble beginning started a few years earlier."
Issa Al Sawafi is Founder of Wadi Adventure.
When did this initiative start and what is the story behind Wadi Adventure?

The official start of the company was in 2017, but the humble beginning started a few years earlier. We start as an online community that grow rapidly by word of mouth as the adventure scene in Oman was just starting. In the first few months, we were about 200 members of adventure seekers that shared the same thirst to explore Oman. When we first started, we focused on easy routes that did not require anything more than hiking shoes and a backpack. The more we explored the more our eyes opened to the vast opportunities in the adventure world. We discovered hiking routes that require abseiling and safety equipment’s that pushed us to acquire these skills from professional. In 2017 we officially launched Wadi Adventure LLC as a commercially register company with eight of my colleagues who share my passion for adventure. We all got certified to take groups safely on adventure trips and continued to grow the company. I am happy on how the company shaped during the years and being one of the first adventure tourism company in Oman.

What competitive advantage does Wadi Adventure bring to the market?

Being one of the first companies in this sector gives us a competitive advantage over our competitors. Over the years, we have built an excellent reputation in adventure tourism be it during the community period or after establishing the company. Most adventure tourism companies know each other and complete each other. We don’t see them as competitor, we see them as colleagues. We have excellent relations with them and always help each other whenever needed. As a matter of fact, many of the adventure tourism companies that have been established was a direct result of the community that I started. As for the Wadi Adventure team, we are a team of 20 leaders, each with their discipline. I am proud of my team and I believe that everyone contributes based on their area of expertise. The team was carefully selected, and they have grown the company to what you can see today.



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