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Issam Slaimi



With over 19 years of experience in the
hospitality sector with various hotel
brands in Tunisia and the UAE, Issam
Slaimi is a strong hospitality leader in
the region. He holds a master’s from
University of West Riding in UK. Under his leadership, the hotel has received awards such as Dubai Best 4 Star City Hotel from International Travel Awards 2019, Civil Defense Rating of 100% from Civil Defense Inspection, Shortlisted Leader of the Year – Middle East Hospitality Awards 2019, and Top 10 4-star Hotels in Dubai from Travel Myth 2021, among several others. Slaimi also received Most Promising General Manager 2021 and Highly Successful General Manager at the International GM Awards 2022.

“As a hotel, we aim to be an integral part of the UAE’s successful journey by providing an unforgettable stay and a truly enjoyable experience to all our guests. We are proud that our hotel currently holds a staff rating of 9.1/10 on ”
Looking ahead, Golden Tulip Media Hotel aims to be an integral part of the UAE Tourism Strategy 2031 by providing an exceptional stay and experience for its guests.
Golden Tulip is part of a larger group with presence in a very wide range of countries. What is the importance of the UAE in your operations?

Golden Tulip Media Hotel is a well-known international hotel brand operates under the Louvre Hotels Group, which is a subsidiary of Jin Jiang International Holding. It is one of the world’s largest hotel groups and owns several well-known brands. The UAE is a significant player in the global hospitality industry, attracting millions of tourists each year, and has a booming travel and tourism sector that offers a range of attractions, luxury shopping, and world-class hotels. The excellent infrastructure, strong economy, and myriad business opportunities all contribute to the country’s significance in the operation of hotels groups with a global presence. Golden Tulip Media Hotel stands ready to tap into the growing tourism market and cater to both leisure and business travelers visiting the country.

The UAE has intensified its role as hub for expats, digital nomads, and international residents. How has this translated into demand for the Emirate’s hotel infrastructure, and how is Golden Tulip Media Hotel adapting its offerings accordingly?

The UAE provides the best conditions in terms of infrastructure, connectivity, and safety for digital nomads to work remotely. The quality of living conditions here is ideal for digital nomads and international residents. The efforts that have been put in place helped us welcome 6.02 million overnight visitors from January to April 2023, which is also in line with the Emirate’s vision of becoming one of the most visited international destinations. In fact, real estate revenue in the Emirate increased by 46% 1H 2023. Hotels achieved an occupancy level of 79.80% in April 2023, which is a 3.5% increase even compared to the Expo period. We have taken several steps to ensure we offer the right product for the country. Among them, we have ensured that our hotel has multicultural staff that can speak different languages, while our menu is also designed to cater to the different nationalities of our guests. In addition, our business center is open 24 hours and is free for in-house guests. We also have a Wi-Fi score of 9/10, which is the highest in the area. All of these ensure the highest level of service for those seeking to work remotely here.

The UAE is hosting COP28, signaling the country’s commitment to sustainability. How does Golden Tulip work to embrace green practices, and what does the hosting of this event mean for your business?

In line with the UAE’s vision for a sustainable future, we have implemented several initiatives in our property. Among them, we have successfully eliminated 90% of plastic usage throughout the property. We also have waste recycling initiatives in place, with proper sorting of plastic, paper, glass, and organic waste. To reduce water usage, we also encourage guests to reuse towels, and we have installed water-efficient shower heads and toilets throughout the hotel. Furthermore, we have implemented a guest room management system (GRMS) in all guest rooms to control energy usage, while all our corridors have motion lighting sensors installed to conserve energy consumption. Climate change is a global concern, and the upcoming COP28 is expected to further drive our country’s sustainable practices and contribute to a greener future. With a focus on sustainable agriculture, the UAE aims to increase local food production, reducing our dependence on imports and subsequently lowering costs.

What are your expectations for the local tourism sector in the near future, and what role will Golden Tulip play in it?

By implementing the UAE Tourism Strategy 2031 to boost the tourism sector’s GDP contribution to AED450 billion, our tourism sector has demonstrated a clear vision and set goals for itself. As a hotel, we aim to be an integral part of the UAE’s successful journey by providing an unforgettable stay and a truly enjoyable experience for all our guests. We are proud that our hotel currently holds a staff rating of 9.1/10 on Furthermore, Golden Tulip Media Hotel has received the prestigious TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Best of the Best Award for 2023, marking the third consecutive year of our achievement.



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