The Business Year

The IT industry has overcome various setbacks and is well on course to cement its position as a tech giant by rapidly embracing Industry 4.0.

Héctor Cobo

Director General, SAS Mexico

Latin America has been the region with the fastest growth in recent years, ahead of Asia, though we only represent 6-7% of the global revenue. The northern Latin America area grew by 200% in 2016 while Latin America as a whole grew by 136%. Latin America features great opportunities for expanding our market penetration. We do cover all market needs; however, we focus on some specific sectors. For example, banks were the first to use analytics as a tool in terms of risk assessment and fraud prevention, and they are still the biggest users. Mexico is actually one of the countries where we have the highest penetration in the public sector, with 45% of governmental agencies using our services. The level of software penetration is similar to countries like Colombia, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina, where companies aim to cut production and maintenance costs through information to improve effectiveness, productivity, and sustainability.

Federico Tagliani

CEO, AN Global

Mexico is our essence; we have been in the market for 17 years. Mexico accounts for almost two-thirds of our business. We have a worldwide hub here that easily connects with the US in the north and traditionally has strong bridges with Europe and Asia in terms of economic agreements and treaties. Financial institutions use huge hardware boxes to process transactions but customers are now used to personal devices. Financial institutions must face challenges such as fintechs and AN Global is helping them through design thinking, agile development, and dev-ops. We offer multiple high-end services including advanced analytics, digital marketing, sales uplift, and cloud offerings. Digital transformation in Mexico is unfolding rapidly. Industry 4.0, with the application of advanced analytics above cyber physical systems to forecast and replenish worldwide supply chains, could sustain Mexico’s reputation as the place of choice for a manufacturing company.

Pablo Gómez

CEO, Pablo Gómez

The idea behind Axity is to have a Latin American company that will serve Latin American clients to achieve business value through the digital transformation journey. We focus on retail, manufacturing, telecoms, and the financial sector, both banking and insurance. When we approach a client, we understand their industry and the specific challenges that they face and co-develop specific solutions. Latin America is a step behind Europe and the US; however, we are picking up speed quickly. The country has become an interesting source of talent for global corporations, and that is also part of the goal of Axity: to become the global partner for nearshore companies that have close cultural and geographical proximity. Our main goal is to help our clients in their digital transformation journey by co-creating digital solutions that accelerate their processes and make their companies more agile to attend to their specific markets and targets.

Juan Carlos López


NEORIS was established in Mexico, although its headquarters are in Miami. The Mexican market continues to represent a significant region for NEORIS. International Data Corporation (IDC) ranks Mexico as the second-largest regional market for the IT industry, representing 23% of the IT services market. Financial services, manufacturing, and telco are the top-three sectors with the greatest growth potential for IT services in Mexico. We have four major industries of focus: healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and telecommunications. NEORIS is the only global partner of SAP in Latin America. We have developed a strong expertise in SAP technology. Coupled with our global footprint, we are able to service multinational companies wanting to roll out solutions across the globe. In terms of goals, we want to maintain our double-digit growth rate and continue with our digital transformation initiative.



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