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KUWAIT - Telecoms & IT

Izzat Abou-Amarah

CEO & Vice Chairman, Impulse International for Telecommunications


Izzat Abou-Amarah has over 20 years of investment and operational experience in the ICT sector. Prior to Impulse, he was the AVP-Investments at NTEC. Prior to that, Abou-Amarah was an applications engineer at Analog Devices in the US. He holds a bachelors and masters degree in electrical engineering from Boston University and a minor in business administration.

"In general, we focus on the ICT space, particularly on three main areas."
TBY talks to Izzat Abou-Amarah, CEO & Vice Chairman of Impulse International for Telecommunications, about ICT and regulation.
What has been Impulse’s experience in Kuwait thus far, and how is the company in addressing the needs of the local market?

In general, we focus on the ICT space, particularly on three main areas. The first is on the investment side, and the second is on the operations side. In Kuwait, we have mostly worked in network infrastructure because there is a fair amount of development happening in this area. Another big theme for us is enterprise automation; namely automating processes, or workflows whether they are related to business, assets, or tracking so that there is a full automation and digitalization of a client’s business. The third area is security. We manage security services to safeguard an enterprise. These three areas constitute the largest inbound requests that we receive as a company. These are also the most active in our pipeline in both the public and private sectors in Kuwait. The size of the projects may vary, but we always ensure that anything that we develop has an added value for the client. We get involved in the most strategic and transformational projects for these enterprises. In terms of the market, its agility varies significantly depending on the readiness and commitment of the entity that we are dealing with. In some cases, there is a learning curve or a benefit that we must demonstrate before they buy-in to the need or importance of our offerings.

What progress have you observed regarding the digitalization process in the finance sector following CBK’s regulations?

The finance sector is in the process of transition. It is changing its platforms and offerings and strives to make its entire infrastructure digital and automated. Kuwait has a high concentration of youth, so there is a need to meet their expectations and demands. The way they interact with a service provider is different than previous generations. They prefer solutions that involve as little human interaction as possible. Impulse supports banks in terms of this transition via its services. We also launched Virgin Mobile Kuwait, which is a 100% digital mobile provider, because we see a need for such solutions in the market and the need to offer a one-stop-shop solution that integrates financial services within the mobile offering.



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