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Jack Daniels Chavarria

COLOMBIA - Finance

Jack Daniels Chavarria (Nelo)

CEO, Nelo Group


Jack Daniels Chavarria (better known as Nelo) is a Colombian entrepreneur and businessman. He is an empirical inversion financial analyst, specializing in financial execution and algorithms and is the creator of the financial algorithm and red neuronal System Algorithm Monitored (SAM) and the private inversion fund of Nelo Group at the Nelo Space project.

"From early on, I have harbored a strong desire to achieve great things and create innovative projects."
What inspired you to establish a company with such a diverse portfolio of services, and what is your vision for Nelo Group’s future growth?

From early on, I have harbored a strong desire to achieve great things and create innovative projects. It has always been my vision to be part of the influential players on Wall Street, and one of our principal goals is for Nelo Group to be a public company and listed on NYSE in a couple of years, driving change and making a significant impact in my chosen industry. This unwavering ambition was the driving force behind my entrepreneurial endeavors, propelling me toward my goal of growth and success. I am inspired by the opportunity to make a meaningful mark on the business world and leave a lasting legacy through my ventures. My unwavering determination and passion for excellence continue to fuel my aspirations as I strive to turn my vision into reality.

Can you provide a general overview of the company’s areas of expertise and how they all fit together?

We find great joy in bringing innovative ideas to life, which is why our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of industries such as finance, asset management, investment banking, neural networks, advisors, textile, food, music, automotive, robotics, renewable energy, and aerospace, among other emerging technology industries. Our ventures span across various sectors, with each component playing a crucial role in the success of the other. Currently, our most ambitious project is Nelo Space, which marks a significant milestone as the first private aerospace company in Latin America. Nelo Space recently received endorsement to be a contractor for the US government and will now be able to bid for contracts for agencies such as NASA, among other government agencies, where we are breaking new ground and pioneering advancements in an industry that is poised to shape the future of humanity. This venture represents the culmination of my unwavering determination to push the boundaries of what is possible and make a lasting impact in an industry that is at the forefront of technological advancement. In essence, my vision is anchored in the belief that to achieve lasting success, one must embrace a holistic approach that combines innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic investments.



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