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OMAN - Tourism

Jasim Al-Alawi

CEO & Founder, Darrbak


Jasim Al-Alawi has 15 years of professional work experience in business development, investment, and technology innovations. He is the CEO & Founder of a travel-tech platform and co-founder of other companies. He has proven experience in business incubation ecosystem and entrepreneurship with a vast exposure to national entrepreneurship strategy and vision.

"We started the platform in December 2020. Darrbak is a marketplace that connects adventure seekers and visitors looking a unique experience in Oman."
Jasim Al-Alawi is CEO & Founder of Darrbak.
What is the story behind Darrbak, and when did this initiative start?

We started the platform in December 2020. Darrbak is a marketplace that connects adventure seekers and visitors looking a unique experience in Oman. It is similar to a service provider. Perhaps only two or three companies have a website for international visitors, and the main communication channel is WhatsApp and Instagram. There were issues with this process, such as when guests change their minds after making a booking on WhatsApp. Companies were waiting for three or four months without any down payments or commitment. We help that adventure company or experience company build up their technology and their quality checks. We call ourselves a technology and marketing partner.

What does Oman have to offer in terms of adventure tourism compared to the rest of the GCC?

In the entire GCC, there are two places where you can find adventure tourism: Saudi Arabia and Oman. This is particularly so for water sports, mountain hiking, or a different cultural experience. In Oman, we have five different languages with their own cultures and clothing. And still, we know each other, and the beauty of the environment is unique. Oman is still a developing country, and it chooses the places over the city to develop. We do not develop the whole country, because we need to have an untouched culture with camping and the entire experience. This is something unique thing that tourists and visitors appreciate because there is no human footprint. If we talk about Oman, tourism is one of the major sectors, and the country has started to focus on it. The thing is, Oman is more focused on real estate in tourism; however, we do not need a five-star hotel or resort; we need more experiences and activities. People who come to Oman do so for unique experiences. That will encourage them to return again in the future. One can find five-star hotels everywhere in the world. Oman has many different types of environments, and we have not marketed to or targeted the right investors to help Oman be a global leader in activity-based tourism.



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