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KUWAIT - Green Economy

Joachim Dudey

CEO, Umm Al Hayman for Wastewater Treatment Company (KSPC)


Joachim Dudey is a graduate of the University of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf in business administration studies. He worked in BdF Bank Düsseldorf before becoming head of financial consulting department of Dr. Pecher AG. He was also head of finance for WTE Wassertechnik GmbH. Since 2019, he has been CEO of Umm Al Hayman for Wastewater Treatment Company.

"The early days were challenging because we signed the contract just before COVID-19 struck."
TBY talks to Joachim Dudey, CEO of Umm Al Hayman for Wastewater Treatment Company (KSPC), about expectations for the short term.
As one of the country’s first PPPs, what has been the progress of Umm Al Hayman to date?

The early days were challenging because we signed the contract just before COVID-19 struck. We had to postpone many operations, which at the time set us back slightly. Nevertheless, we kept working on the developments. We were in fact working on two projects in Kuwait simultaneously: the treatment plant for wastewater, which includes piping and electrical facilities; and the sewage system, wastewater pumping stations, and reservoirs for cleaned wastewater. We had to lay 450km of piping in the ground, which is no small task.

Considering ESG policies in Kuwait, what is Umm Al Hayman’s contribution to such initiatives?

We are a single purpose company. We aim to construct, design, partly finance, and operate assets within a project. We are not allowed to look for other business opportunities and our contract is specified within a time frame of 28 years, meaning that we will finish the construction and operate the plant for 25 years to come. Our work contributes to the long-term strategy of the country, because through our operations Kuwait can save and reuse cleaned wastewater instead of consuming water from the sea through desalination. Our plant cleans about 500,000cbm of wastewater per day, serving 1.7 million people living in the south of Kuwait. It can always be reused not only for industrial use, but also agricultural, making it even more environmentally friendly and efficient.

What do you expect to achieve with the project over the coming months?

In 2023, we will complete construction of the plant and start operating the plant. We anticipate the plant being up and running by the autumn 2023. When it comes to the sewer system, we may expect to see the project done and dusted by 2025, depending on how efficiently the network is developed. It was foreseen in the tender that the piping would take longer than the wastewater treatment and are continuing the construction as planned. At the end of 2023, we are obliged by law to take the project public.



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