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PORTUGAL - Real Estate & Construction

Joao Campos Forte

CEO, Tecniarte


Joao Campos Forte joined TECNIARTE in 2020 as CEO of the company. He worked in leadership positions in challenging markets such as Africa and Latin America through an international construction group. He started his career as a designer engineer on a road specialist company. One of the next challenges was the construction world in public and private construction for an international construction group.

"Tecniarte is a Portuguese construction company with 40 years old of experience in this market, with a license which allows us to build almost all kind of construction."
TBY talks to Joao Campos Forte, CEO of Tecniarte, about working across construction segments, international investors, and future developments.
What is Tecniarte’s expertise within civil engineering and where does the company sit within the Portuguese real estate and construction sector?

Tecniarte is a Portuguese construction company with 40 years old of experience in this market, with a license (alvara) which allows us to build almost all kind of construction. Tecniarte is presently more focus in the private sector, going from middle to high end housing projects, and from hospital units to hotels. Tecniarte as a steady growth with a 50M€ revenue, witch aloe us to sit between the middle to large companies of our sector.

What company traits make Tecniarte stand out as a partner-of-choice for construction projects related to: health, hospitality and luxury housing? What value did you identify in these three segments?

Tecniarte through the years have been successfully a part of projects in the health, hospitality and luxury housing, and due to the experience accumulate along those years Tecniarte became a partner of choice with a vast know how bringing experience and alternatives for all kind of circumstances that occur in a construction site. The capability of thinking out of the box, and the dynamic that our technicians bring to the projects it’s a step ahead for the success of a construction site. At this moment the Portuguese market is in shortness of beds in the hospitality industry outside the big centers, which combine with TECNIARTE strategy of decentralization of its resource becomes a successfully match.

What is Tecniarte’s experience working with international construction developers? How do you provide value for market entrants?

One of the guidelines of our strategic plan is to capture the international developers that nowadays are looking more to invest outside the big centers, and for that to be accomplish we open office in strategically regions of Portugal where we can have a base office with a presence in place to allow an easier communication and knowledge to those that want to invest on those areas. These as been a success not only for luxury villas that have been popping out in Portugal as well as to hotels, with result already consolidate in the company with several hotels and luxury housing in all regions of Portugal.

What particularities of construction in Portugal should international players be aware of? What has been Tecniarte’s strategy to confront material shortages?

We believe that Portugal as a country offer a wide range of opportunities to invest, due to it natural conditions, in term of well been, safety and beauty. Those will be attracting points that for sure an experiment investor will look for specially in case of hospitality and units dedicated to the senior’s citizens, and also to the niche of Golden Visa investors that see Portugal as a wellness hub. Tecniarte as well as all others companies around the world had a period to adjust to the new reality that was though, but we could mitigate and overcome with the trust that our subcontracts have in us, and with an airtight planning in the procurement and acquisition of essentials materials. We need to increase in some site our stoking capability, using outside of camp facilities.

What type of construction projects offer interesting return opportunities for investors going forward? How is Tecniarte positioning itself into the future, to cater to the needs they will have in upcoming years?

Tenciarte as always tried to see the problems ahead in two perspectives, both sides of the table, and then combine both to obtain a win-win solution. For that we evolve form a classic construction company in the past, to a creative solution-oriented company with inhouse capability of creating alternatives to make viable a potential sustainable project. This is essential to overcome the issues created by the costs evolution that could compromise business plans already laid out or to be procured.



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