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John David Carrasco

ECUADOR - Health & Education

John David Carrasco

President and CEO, Cannliv Inc.


John David Carrasco is President and CEO of Cannliv Inc., a licensed Texas Hemp Producer with operations in Ecuador and Mexico. He has an extensive background in healthcare systems development for hospitals, home health and pharmacies. After his father lost a battle with cancer, he created Cannliv after personally experiencing the benefits of Cannabinoids. Now, with greenhouse operations in Ecuador and Mexico, he has a developed a 360 solution that includes cultivation, manufacturing and distribution of Cannabinoid products such as cosmetics, edibles, tinctures with an emphasis on clinical research and development with top Latin American universities.

“Nanotechnology is how we will differentiate ourselves from other companies.“

How did CannLiv grow from a personal project, in Texas, into a multinational company?

I never thought I would be in the cannabis space. In 2013 my father came down with colon cancer. A friend of mine had said there Is some new research emerging on cannabis having some positive benefits against cancer. My father had complications with his last chemotherapy, but chose not to use cannabis, because of his medical benefits, and the illicit nature of cannabis at the time. Unfortunately, he suffered before passing away, which drove me to research cannabis deeper, because I did not want anyone to suffer the way my Dad did. We then went to Livwell and Groundswell in Colorado. I was provided a review of their patient education side that was researching non psychoactive strains of hemp. They allowed me to understand the patient education process. This showed me the importance of patient education and proper dosages of cannabis. This was back in 2015. I was recommended some CBD products to test. At this point I personally been on opiate-pain medications for over 10 years, and a cigarette smoker since I was 15. About two weeks later, I woke up without any pain in my back. Plus, no urge for another opiate. Also, I was sleeping better than I had in more than 10 years. I was 46 years old and had never been able to quit smoking. Now, because of an oil from a plant I was able to completely give up smoking cigarettes and have never looked back. That Is how the name of the company came about. An acknowledgement of Livwell, and how well they treated me in Colorado. In 2018, I moved my company to Colorado for two years to increase my knowledge and understanding of the hemp industry. Once Texas hemp registration started, we moved operations back to Texas and our license was approved in 2020. This is when I began traveling and exploring South America. I opened Cannliv Sur America in Colombia in 2018. Now, here we are in Ecuador and began operations in March of 2021. In early 2022, Cannliv Mexico is next with a 15-hectare cultivation.

What opportunities do you have as a pioneer in this industry?

One of the things we were able to do was establish a research agreement with Pontificia University Católica del Ecuador, the only Level 3 lab in the country. The research that the University is doing is absolutely amazing. They opened up their arms to us. We will have our research teams working with their researchers and facilities. We want to differentiate ourselves by using other cannabinoids rather than just CBD. We are concentrating on nanotechnology. For example, we have 12 products for a cosmetic line, after two years of R&D, and working with the top cosmetic chemists in Dallas. Our cosmetic line is incredible. Currently using nano-CBD. We Will also tweak our formula to include nano-CBG as well. We have a CBD-CBG combination using nanotechnology, for optimal absorption into the skin. Nanotechnology is how we will differentiate ourselves from other companies and this is what we bring to emerging markets in Latin America.

What are you planning next?

We are really excited to continue to develop our home in Ecuador. The future for the cannabis industry is Latin America. Then, we begin exports to Europe. First, we must ensure our facilities are EU-certified. Then we can start shipping to Europe. Complementing all the ways we can differentiate ourselves from other companies, we work closely with a top pharmaceutical company in Ecuador. We are applying the latest pharmaceutical technology to develop pharma-grade products. We want to provide access to plant based medicine to people in this Country and throughout Latin América. We have the networks established, and we can create effective plant-based medicine for people. That is our goal and mission. Currently, It Is almost impossible to get pharma-grade Cannabinoid products. We will make them here in Ecuador. We will make them available for everyone.



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