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Jorge A. Puig Valdez

MEXICO - Industry

Jorge A. Puig Valdez

Managing Director, AGM Food


Jorge A. Puig Valdez is an entrepreneur chief executive with over 15 years of experience, specialized in industrial food services for large corporations and universities in Mexico. As a leader, following and sharing values such as being humble, ethical, perseverance, discipline, motivation, loyalty and being grateful with his working partners, gives his work and life experience the opportunity to support the development of AGM Food and take it to the next level.

AGM Food sought to better manage the quality of its food by purchasing everything directly from wholesalers, thereby also reducing operational costs and having better control.

What opportunities did you identify in the market that motivated you to create this company?

I specialize in the industrial food industry. Our service is focused on all national and international companies that have a certain number of workers. We help take care of everything related to food. We specialize in the industrial sector and believe that if it is well supported, it will never stop growing. Mexico is well-situated geographically, which is why we started our business in the industrial food service. We have approximately 715 employees, and we continue to grow. At present, we have 32 clients, and in 2021 we expected to grow about 100% and have achieved this goal in comparison to 2020.

What is the added value in comparison to companies from the same sector?

The added value is my partners, my hardworking family, and the camaraderie, loyalty, friendship, and love with which we treat each other. I am grateful for having a family and a company that support and believe in me, and all this is reflected in the services we provide. There are many companies far bigger than ours, and they offer a colder and far more robotic service.

What strategies do you use to help reduce costs for your clients?

One of the first steps to take was becoming our own suppliers, in other words, buying everything ourselves. We buy everything directly from wholesalers, which helps us reduce operational costs and allows us to oversee something that is important in our company: supervising the quality of our food. Thus, we ensure that our food is not tampered with in any way. This helps us with two important things: being aware of the costs and having a better quality and control over all the food we purchase.

How many cities do you operate in?

Right now, we are in present in Matamoros, Reynosa, Nuevo León, Juárez, and Guanajuato. In 2021, we made the decision to knock on new market doors because we had found significant work in Reynosa. For the coming years we expect to grow 50% annually.

What sectors are your prioritizing for growth?

We are focused on oil and industry. There is a great opportunity in the oil sector because many workers live in platforms and go for days without seeing their families. Food should be a way to help them relax and feel at home. The industrial sector is a particularly important one because if we work hard in Mexico, we could break the record in terms of industrial growth. It is a sector with more than 4 million job positions in Mexico. What is more, right now, we are looking to expand into Oaxaca and Yucatán. For example, in the industrial sector, many plants did not close at the height of the pandemic. Though the wellbeing and safety of their employees was of paramount importance, they were also worried about food production.

How has the pandemic affected you?

It has forced us to completely restructure the business, and thanks to that we have been able grow as we have. Before COVID-19, our growth had dropped by 40%, and now we are in the midst of a recovery, heading for 100% growth. In addition, I have also grown as a person and feel I am a better manager than before. Many companies had to restructure themselves during the pandemic. There are managers who have stated that if they had followed their original plans prior to COVID-19, they would not have grown as they have. That is precisely what we have done. As leaders, it is our duty to adapt to difficult situations. In moments like these, it is important to be persistent, find a way to create something new, and see the positive side of things. In our case, the pandemic forced us to roll up our sleeves, and this is the result that we have obtained. I am extremely grateful for this.



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