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Jorge Daniel Guzmán

MEXICO - Finance

Jorge Daniel Guzmán

CEO & Director General, Grupo KC


Jorge Daniel Guzmán has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance sector, driving sales force to transform the lives of his clients. It has led Grupo KC to be recognized internationally as one of the best 250 agencies worldwide. He was recognized as the Legend of the Mexican Insurance Sector in 2016. He is a specialist in business strategy that aims to maximize the added value for customers, profits for shareholders, and the level of happiness for its employees. He is a business administrator of ITAM and has completed several senior management programs such as IPADE, Instituto de Empresa IE, and ITAM.

The crisis was an opportunity for Grupo KC to find new ways to grow, with the launching of Expansión de Individual Privado a key aspect behind encouraging growth.

Which were the most important achievements of Grupo KC in 2020?

The most important achievement was our digital transformation. Many companies went from being traditional businesses to digital ones overnight. We learned how to conduct virtual meetings, hold training sessions online, and serve clients from an alternative perspective. One of our biggest challenges was the process of adaptation itself because no one expected the pandemic to occur. In 2020, we focused on the transformation the mindset of our employees in that regard.

Can you tell us more about the technology investments you implemented?

What we were going to implement over three years we did in just a few months. We use data analytics to payment processes with our clients, AI, and bots to chat with clients. We recruit staff with AI, which analyzes profiles on social media and invites them to work with us according to the profiles we have in the company. People who are interested in working with us enter the AI system, and a bot interviews them via videos. Depending on their answers, prerecorded videos will appear. What a person can do in a year, AI does in a day. This opened our eyes to greater growth at a national level; now, in just four months, we are already present in 23 states, and we will open two more physical offices in 2021. We will grow at a national level over the course of 2021.

What trends in the market led you to invest in a countercyclical manner?

If there is a crisis, there is also an opportunity. You have to find a way to make your business grow. We currently have one of the biggest projects to help induce strong growth called Expansión de Individual Privado. You have to try drastic things in times of crises, but always looking after the budget. We have also been responsible in terms of our human capital; we have not fired anyone or reduced salaries. Our commitment to protecting ourselves as though we were a family means we also take care of our resources, goals, and projects and thus obtain results. This is something we have learned in 2020. With Expansión de Individual Privado, we are opening franchises nationwide where we place a sales manager, and all this technology helps them recruit a sales team, improve collection, find clients, and more. We are also helping new franchise partners grow through this project. The competition has been more concerned with how to reach the clients or keep their business going. We are growing so fast, that even the competition is asking us to partner with them.

What is your long-term vision for Grupo KC?

At a national level, we want to continue growing and recover our market position via growth with business partners and experienced people. We will also continue to recruit sale employees and focus on the customer through various technological means in order to provide a better, easier, cheaper, and more complete service. Long term, we seek an exponential and medium-term growth at the Latin American level. Currently, at the national level, our agency has the highest number of insurance brokers. We have more than 1,100 brokers certified by the National Insurance and Bonding Commission. In other insurance business, we have another 200 brokers. I am the executive director of the GAMA International Association of Promoters, which provides forecasts at the Latin American level, and we are beginning to share our practices and knowledge in Costa Rica, Colombia, Argentina, and Brazil.



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