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Jose Luis Arrom

SPAIN - Tourism

Jose Luis Arrom

General Manager, Club de Mar-Mallorca


Jose Luis Arrom has held the position of General Manager of Club de Mar-Mallorca since 2011. He trained in labor relations and specializes in tax techniques and international tax advice, financial accounting, balance sheet analytics, and financial management and management control. In 2010, he obtained an international master’s in maritime port administration from the International Maritime Business School. He is a member and treasurer of the board of directors of the Association of Nautical Clubs of the Balearic Islands.

Club de Mar-Mallorca is at the vanguard of development in nautical tourism and places vital importance on the nautical tradition.

How has Club de Mar-Mallorca, as one of Palma’s most emblematic clubs, contributed to the development of the local nautical industry?

Since our founding in 1969, Club de Mar-Mallorca has managed to combine two important aspects in the world of marinas perfectly. First, we have been the vanguard in Mallorca in terms of the development and reception of nautical tourism at the highest level. With an investment of EUR60 million, the major refurbishment of the club, slated to reopen in 2023, is the most important private port work in Spain right now, and it will no doubt make us one of the five most-important marinas in the Mediterranean. Second, at Club de Mar-Mallorca, we place vital importance on the nautical tradition, the feeling of an authentic club, and a great family of people in love with the sea. In fact, we have discovered the perfect combination of nautical tourism and seafaring tradition with the Illes Balears Clássics Regatta. Every summer, it brings the most beautiful classic boats in the world to our port with their crews. This regatta has turned the club into an international reference point for the classic boat circuit. Club de Mar-Mallorca is currently undergoing remodeling.

What are the objectives of this project, and how is it intended to integrate the club into the city and its surroundings?

The remodeling of Club de Mar-Mallorca will position us alongside other premium sports marinas such as Monaco. Our project has two fundamental parts: we want to accommodate boats up to 170m in length; and we want to update our strategy as a yacht club. We have reduced the number of moorings to give more space to larger boats. We have not left out small boats, although we are more focused on the larger boats, which are more in demand in the Balearic Islands. As part of our update and modernization of the club, we intend to open Club de Mar-Mallorca in the city. We will open our doors and turn our facilities into a place for everyone to enjoy, while reserving an exclusive access area for our members. The club has always distinguished itself by the discretion and familiarity with which we treat all our visitors, whether they are English families on holiday or members of a royal house, as happens every summer. Leisure also plays an important role in our new strategy. Club de Mar-Mallorca has a children’s club and nautical sailing and canoing schools. As for catering, the project that we will inaugurate in 2023 includes a new restaurant that will feature a Michelin-starred chef.

How are sustainability and digitalization being included in the modernization project of Club de Mar-Mallorca?

The new Club de Mar-Mallorca project will also feature technological and environmental innovations. We have carried out a comprehensive planning of digitalization. Our technical services will have alarms controlled by state-of-the-art technology, for example, the change of filters and revisions. In terms of safety, Club de Mar-Mallorca has been inspired by the work in football stadiums, always at the forefront in this field. We will equip the new facilities with a state-of-the-art surveillance system with AI. As for the boats, the system will integrate cameras that will warn us of arrival, the stay forecast, mooring assignment, and much more. It will be spectacular and offer yacht owners a more fluid and comfortable experience when mooring at Club de Mar-Mallorca. In terms of sustainability, we have made great efforts to ensure the recycling of water and waste, while meeting environmental specifications with high standards. In this respect, we have just renewed our registration in the EMAS Register of the EU for another three years. Our commitment to this environmental certification is clear, so we are also a reference in that aspect for marinas and the entire nautical industry in Mallorca.



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