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MEXICO - Health & Education

José María Zubiría Maqueo

Managing Director, ABC Medical Center


José María Zubiria Maqueo started his professional career in technology and then worked in the financial and telecommunications sectors in some of the most important companies worldwide such as Banamex in Mexico and Avantel and Embratel in Brazil. He was appointed by former Mexican President Vicente Fox and later ratified by President Felipe Calderón to serve as Head of the Tax Administration Service Office. In 2009, he returned to the financial sector. He was appointed by Banamex and Citi Bank to lead their strategy, corporate development, operations, and technology departments for Latin America and was later chief administrative officer in Mexico. His most recent work experience was with Grupo Martí, where he served as board member and then as CEO. Zubiría is a member of the board of Fundación Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (FUNAM). He served as member of the UNAM Board of Trustees. He was a professor at Instituto Technologico Autonomo de Mexico (ITAM).

“We want the solutions that we offer to satisfy and even exceed our patients’ expectations.”

ABC Medical Center has invested in a high-end clinical management system to digitally transform its operations by 2024.

How do you plan to use your financial background to support the growth of Hospital ABC?

ABC Medical Center has the best levels of clinical and patient safety performance, two of the most complex issues in the medical business. The fact that it reached those levels of prestige and standards lead it to be the first medical institution in Mexico to be certified by the Joint Commission, a certification mechanic reserved for the best hospitals in the US. This was the first international certification that the center received, and since then it has received and maintained others. Our center is renowned for its results, its low infection rates, and other strong clinical characteristics. We want the solutions that we offer to satisfy and even exceed our patients’ expectations. That is the reason why an engineer is helping with the management of a hospital, keeping in mind its faults and flaws. We leave the healthcare to our medical team, which comprises the best doctors in the country. We expect this combination to help sustain the leading position of our center.

What investments is the hospital making in technology and data management?

Our center focused its investments for many years on clinical technology and the progress of acute treatment. This resulted in the best radiotherapy and imaging teams, the best laboratories, and so on. All this was an investment that we worked on for many years. Now, on data management, we made some investments, though they are more toward accounting. Today, we are conceptualizing a new way of management, one where the patient is at the center, and we focus on covering what the people who work around them need. Then, we go to the diagnosis process. Before they get to the hospital, we need the patient’s complete medical history. Right now, there are electronic clinical files, but we are aiming for a clinical management system that can help with the diagnosis and, once that part is done and treatment has been decided, can aid with the analysis of the data from other past cases. In addition, we have developed clinical work guidelines that determine standards for specific treatments. The moment you put all these in a system that provides feedback for the patient, the doctor, and the hospital itself, it results in greater certainty for the patient, more information for the doctor to provide a better diagnosis, and assurance for the hospital that all these protocols and guidelines are being followed and that the treatment it is providing is the most effective, timeliest, and efficient. This is something we are actively working on. It is a large investment from the hospital, but it will be immensely useful for future diagnoses and treatment.

How is ABC Medical Center adapting to the reopening of the market?

We count on nine strategic initiatives, of which there are two closely associated with the services we offer. Our medical center is divided along lines of service, like the ones in the US, and each one has a different aim for 2026. We want to continue advancing toward these objectives, like the creation of high-specialty centers. In 2022 we will have two centers that follow these guidelines: the High Specialty Pediatrics Cardiopathy Center and the High Specialty Pediatric Oncology Center. The second initiative is inclusive health. We expect to reach a goal of 2,500 patients from different programs. For example, we have one such program aimed at women before, during, and after pregnancy, and it benefits about 300 women and babies who mostly live near our location. We are in a constant process of continuous improvement. Every organization make mistakes, and we all have the opportunity to learn from them and understand where they come from, as well as have the opportunity to correct them and elevate our standards. We have a comprehensive list of what we expect to achieve for every year from now until 2026.



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