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Josep Piqué Camps

ECUADOR - Diplomacy

Josep Piqué Camps

President, Fundación Iberoamericana Empresarial (Ibero-American Business Foundation)


Josep Piqué Camps is the president of the Ibero-American Business Foundation. He is also the president of the Spain-Japan Foundation and the honorary president of the Spanish-Korean Chamber of Commerce. Among other positions, he has served as the Minister of Industry and Energy (1996-2000), government spokesperson (1998-2000), Minister of Foreign Affairs (2000-2002), and Minister of Science and Technology (2002-2003). He has a graduate degree and a PhD in economy and business, and a degree in law, all from the University of Barcelona. He has worked as a professor of economic theory since 1984.

The Ibero-American Business Foundation seeks to strengthen the Ibero-American community through business and commerce.

We aim to achieve this goal by providing practical and feasible content and analysis. We work ‘hand in hand’ with the Ibero-American General Secretariat, presenting our proposals and ideas at Ibero-American summits so that they can eventually become a reality.

Among other matters, we address issues related to educational and professional mobility, digitalization, financial and legal cooperation, good corporate governance practices, and the Ibero-American system of high-level education.

The integration of Ecuador in the Pacific Alliance is not a minor political decision. By doing so, Ecuador has sent a positive message to the rest of the world. The country is displaying its willingness to integrate the values of commercial openness, political pragmatism, and public-private cooperation — the same values used to create the most prosperous block for the Ibero-American community.

Ever since its establishment, the Pacific Alliance has promoted the social and economic development of its member countries. I will take this opportunity to draw parallels between Ecuador’s integration in the Pacific Alliance with Spain’s integration in the EU, which is a subject I know well because I previously served as Spain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The positive effects of successful integration extend to everyone—it is what we nowadays refer to as inclusive development. The integration of Spain in the EU did not only make it stronger, but it sped up the convergence of the rest of Europe and made Spain’s economy more dynamic, prosper, and open.

Spain has done best when it has opened itself to the world, and similarly, Ecuador and the rest of Latin America do best when they open themselves to the world.

That’s why it’s vital that Ecuador becomes part of the process. Within this context, it is important to emphasize on transparency and entrepreneurship in order to further strengthen the country and make it a magnet for talent and investors from across the world.



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