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Juan Carlos Mazón

MEXICO - Energy & Mining

Juan Carlos Mazón

۬Managing Director, Mountar


Juan Carlos Mazón is an industrial and systems engineer from Tecnológico de Monterrey with an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in the US. He is a partner member of the board of Mazón Salazar Hermanos, founding partner of Mountar and AP Drilling, founding partner of Distribuidora GPR, and founding partner of Comercializadora Mazfe. He has been a member on different councils, such as the Cruz Roja Council, Tecnológico de Monterrey Sonora, CRIT Hermosillo, and Patronato del Asilo de Ancianos Juan Pablo II.

Mountar has great plans for 2022 that include expanding its operations and client range in Mexico, especially in the south, as well as taking a step into the American market.

Why did the company change its name from Bailac to Mountar?

Mountar historically used to be known as Bailac in Mexico, and due to changes in the board of directors and the owners, we changed the name of the company, though the staff all remains the same. We specialize in providing assistance to mining sites that use large tires. We provide in-site maintenance, where we supervise and make sure the tires maintain their temperatures during assembly, their speeds, and every other security measure that large tire manufacturers take into account. We are hired by mining companies to assist them with terrain analysis and tires supervision. With that in mind, we were the first to set up a mining machinery tire restoration plant in Mexico in Hermosillo. By the time a tire reaches the end of its life cycle, or even before that, we are able to renew or attach a rubber coating on it and extend its lifecycle. With time, we were looking to offer an additional value regarding customer service as well as a road dust monitoring and control service for mining operations, optimizing operations through dust control, diminishing the water hazard risks by 80%, increasing the road visibility, and so on. We are part of a mining holding and are always looking at the value chain and customers’ needs to provide added value. We look for services, companies, and/or products that can fulfill clients’ needs here or outside, and we invite them to become part of the mining holding. With Mountar as a host, we seek to bring their technology and/or features back to Mexico. That is our distinguishing factor and how we constantly grow. We are improving in a technological way, so we can include better technology, reduce the carbon footprint, and support the customer. We are moving toward becoming a more reliable provider.

What are your main expansion plans considering the opportunities of the mining sector?

The only thing that the pandemic affected was our plans for an expansion into the center of our country. Our response was to focus on our operations and services in Sonora. Our plan for 2022 is to expand our operations in Hermosillo. We want to start building a new plant in Hermosillo that will be an expansion of the current one and help with the restoration process. We also want to offer restoration for engines and hydraulic wheels and retake our expansion on the center of our country. 95% of our focus for 2022 is to expand our operations and client range in Mexico, especially in the south. The plan is to offer our restoration services from our facilities in Mexico to international markets, either for tires or the services that we will bring next year for engines in the American market, but from our facilities in Hermosillo, taking advantage of our proximity to Arizona. For our expansion outside Mexico, southwest US would be our target, although it is not a critical one for 2022.

How do you help international brands enter the Mexican mining industry?

We represent the company CR Mining in Mexico, a company that is in charge of selling consumables for excavators and loaders. We are pleased it selected us after a long process of evaluating many candidates. We will start to offer CR Mining’s products through our seller network, offers, and post-trade services. We are focused on diversification, and by bringing these technologies to our clients, as well working as a developer of the mining industry in Mexico for these international companies, we not only raise awareness of our industry worldwide, but also gain recognition for being a company that help them with their expansion into Mexico based on our experience. We are also announcing a restoration project for 2022, although it is the plant relocation. We will invest in new technologies and diversify our manufacturer and restoration services for great machines. Our manpower also grew around 30% during the pandemic, and we managed to avoid any reduction or adjustment in our payroll. We are pleased with the upcoming great opportunities for the company. We want to take part in and collaborate in this growth and incoming investments for our country.



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