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MEXICO - Energy & Mining

Juan Carlos Mazón

Managing Director, Mountar


Juan Carlos Mazón is an industrial and systems engineer from Tecnológico de Monterrey with an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in the US. He is a partner member of the board of Mazón Salazar Hermanos, founding partner of Mountar and AP Drilling, founding partner of Distribuidora GPR, and founding partner of Comercializadora Mazfe. He has been a member on different councils, such as the Cruz Roja Council, Tecnológico de Monterrey Sonora, CRIT Hermosillo, and Patronato del Asilo de Ancianos Juan Pablo II.

"When it comes to AP Drilling, we have achieved success in Mexico, due to our high-quality products and value-added service."
Helping international brands to enter the Mexican mining industry, Mountar is working to offer a package of products and services to increase its value to customers.
How has Holding Minero performed this year?

For us, 2022 was a year of growth and development, and in 2023, we expect a larger market share and more corporate agreements. Our group, Holding Minero, includes both AP Drilling and Mountar. As a holding, we have maintained our presence in all our previous contracts. We have seen an improvement of around 30-40%. Right now, we are also starting to become involved with the transportation industry, building a terminal, through Transportes GPR, a third company that will become part of the group in 2023. This company will commit itself to improving logistics services.

What are Holding Minero’s expansion goals when it comes to AP Drilling?

When it comes to AP Drilling, we have achieved success in Mexico, due to our high-quality products and value-added service. Our analysis and deep knowledge have optimized our business model and allow us to offer integral drill steel solutions, optimizing mining companies and contractors’ core business. Through its technical service along with a high-quality product and a continuous improvement strategy, AP Drilling position itself as the industry leader in drill steel cost per meter, drill steel management and decision-making data. In a current global scenario, in which uncertainty and bottle necks in supply chain is a daily challenge, AP Drilling offers supply chain solutions for drill steel, inventory and warehousing, creating certainty in regard to supply and cost stability.

In what ways does Mountar collaborate with international companies wanting to enter the mining industry?

To this date, we rely on five international strategic partners collaborating with us, one of them being CR Mining, from Australia, and Wearpro, a company from Tucson, Arizona, that supports us by promoting their products and services. Based on the potential development in Mexico for Wearpro, it is keen to expand their position here. We have an excellent relationship with them making a great team, helping to simplify processes for our clients through this collaboration. Wearpro specializes in manufacturing pins and bushings for all kinds shovels and loaders, which we promote through Mountar. Everything is a package deal, and it makes sense to work together making it a one-stop shop to provide end users a reliable product and service.

What are your expectations for 2023?

As a holding we have different goals for each company: Mountar and AP Drilling. With Mountar we are working on our market share growth, but as a holding company, we are always open to new companies and clients that can help us in the coming year, especially Wearpro and CR Mining. We are open to all new companies that we can help to enter the Mexican market. For our short-term plans, we are always open to new ideas. We are set to continue promoting the same product that we have had for the past three years, plus this new partner that we have, and maybe in 2024, we will start looking for a new company or venture. When it comes to AP Drilling, we seek to continue positioning the company in the market and its capacity to become a strategic partner for clients.



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