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Juan Dí­az

SPAIN - Economy

Juan Dí­az



Juan Díaz is the CEO of SOFT LINE. He has been in charge of the firm for over 33 years. The company offers its clients a series of tools that allow the optimized management of their IT systems

SOFT LINE offers its clients a series of tools that allow for an optimized management of their IT systems.

How has SOFT LINE become involved in the digitalization of the Balearic economy since its creation?

SOFT LINE was founded in Palma de Mallorca in 1989 with the objective of specializing in offering differentiated and high value-added services in the IT sector. Taking as reference my experience in insurance companies, banking services, and different business departments such as commercial and marketing, I decided to apply my experience to develop the creation, design, and maintenance of a commercial and financial management software adapted to each company’s needs. We understand that every business project is the same in its concept, but different in terms of the system on which it develops its strategies, making this the main reason for our daily work. That software must be simple and useful to meet the needs of the client every step of the way, meeting their basic needs by paying special attention to the company’s dynamism and its controlled growth. For this reason, our implementation strategy is mainly based on the creation of the minimum viable product (MVP) that meets our clients’ needs. Once the management system is implemented, we establish a dynamic maintenance system to modify the applications according to our clients’ needs, always looking after the continuous evolution of their businesses. SOFT LINE encompasses all IT areas, which constitutes the key factor for the proper functioning of their company, in order to avoid compatibility and coordination problems. The “Digital Kit” is becoming one of Spanish government’s main initiatives to digitalize SMEs.

What are the expected results in the medium term?

In the process of continuous improvement that we have been working on, we assess daily our trajectory and our product portfolio, the experience we have had, and the evolution together with our clients. In this approach, we appreciate the fact that the need lies in optimizing resources and controlling management times. Flexibility and rapid change in decision making processes becomes a key factor in today’s business world. Therefore, the digitalization is an essential tool to prepare, control, and cross-reference all the information in order to make decisions quickly and minimize the risk. In this sense, the Digital Kit is the first step to make companies aware of this need, helping them make the decision through simple solutions to optimize management processes and at the same time allow them to open their doors abroad to increase their capacity for expansion. At the same time, in the circular economy we are currently in, that digitalization becomes a necessity to aid with recycling and the optimization of existing resources.

What can we expect in the following years in terms of a greater integration of technological advances in the economy of the Balearic Islands?

Digitalization in companies has stopped being an option to become an obligation. Digitalization is not a project with an expiration date, and that only involves the marketing or IT departments. It is about teamwork, internalization, and the application of a digital mentality in every possible aspect. Digital transformation allows the implementation of digital tools or technologies to inefficient processes. It is about adapting processes to the possibilities that the new tools and technologies offer. In a simple way, we can say that company digitalization is the processes of transforming a business organization in depth, based on technological tools and directing the different facets of the business toward the digital environment. It necessarily entails a transformation of the business culture, where the company’s management necessarily needs to be the first player involved in the change. The potential benefits of the digitalization process are many and varied, such as to better reach all customers, access new business opportunities, save costs, or improve customer satisfaction.



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