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Juan Manuel Torres

Senior Managing Director, Newmark Colombia

Andrés Correa

Co-founder, Alpaca Technology

Helping clients to navigate these uncertain times, these companies offer solutions for real estate management that offer the best possible outcomes for every client.

What is the company’s value proposition?

JUAN MANUEL TORRES Newmark is a global leader in commercial real estate services. Newmark Colombia’s consulting and delivery capabilities at every stage of the real estate lifecycle include services such as capital markets, brokerage transaction management, and lease administration; valuation and advisory; global corporate services’ workplace strategies; project and facility management; and research. Our professionals serve a range of specialities, including office, industrial, retail, land structuring, data centers, healthcare, government, and hotel. In Colombia, over the past 10-15 years, we have been growing our platform to serve our clients with the same level of service as our other offices around the world.

ANDRÉS CORREA Alpaca was founded by two architects who noticed a disconnect between property management and the construction sector in terms of transfer of information and technology. Our value proposition is to create a digital twin of the property to be the link between the constructor, the developer, and later on the property manager. It is crucial to have this information for the sustainability of the building so that the property manager can make better administrative decisions accordingly. We have combined virtual reality and CMMS software to give our clients a manageable digital twin.

Which industries and clients offer possible opportunities?

JMT In Colombia, there will be interesting opportunities with the health sector. Additionally, Colombia has attracted growing international interest for BPO and shared service operations, as well as for logistic facilities and last-mile solutions. We are starting to see unique and innovative solutions that serve smaller cities with tailored logistics. The major logistical hubs will continue expanding outside cities as well. Newmark professionals’ ability to understand the market and read the evolving local and international trends provides our clients with a strategic advantage in top-tier, second-tier, and niche markets.

AC We are creating partnerships with the major construction companies and hotel operators in Colombia such as Amarilo, AR, Oxo Hotels, and Diplomat, so they can manage their condominiums and hotels digital twin through Alpaca. We are working with these companies to implement pilots in different projects in Bogotá. For condominiums, we are digitalizing all the common areas so they can provide this information to the condominium association for them to manage. Alpaca cloud system helps them stores all the information and track the changes throughout the lifespan of the building. Also, virtual reality can serve as a legal record of the building if a problem later crops up.

Why is partnering with Newmark the right choice for clients?

JMY Newmark’s expansion into Latam and Colombia continues to set the company apart from its international competitors. In Colombia, Newmark’s 40 years of experience in the market and strong local relationships are bolstered by the firm’s strong internationally integrated platform of services tailored to every type of client. Newmark consistently delivers a global perspective with a nimble approach to both our clients in Colombia and Latam as well as our international clients, who can expect to experience the same quality of service worldwide.

How does the company approach innovation in order to remain up to date with all the latest trends?

AC The merging of virtual reality was the breakthrough that allowed us to give digital twins to our clients. Current computer maintenance managing systems (CMMS) software provides information in a spreadsheet format; however, the physical and visual information is missing. With the technologies we use, one is able to do measurements online on the platform. We are working with clients to implementing new technologies such as augmented reality. For Alpaca right now, you just need your phone to operate it.

What is your international business development strategy?

JMT With operations in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Panama, Peru, and Puerto Rico, Newmark continues to invest heavily in Latam. Newmark understands the potential of the region and the largely underserved market for local, multilatina companies that have operations in different countries in the region. Newmark continues to strive to be the go-to regional service platform for multilatina companies as well as for our international clients that expect the same level of service as that in the US or Europe.

AC We are doing franchise partnerships with real estate and appraising offices across the world. We are working with an architecture firm in Dominican Republic, a real estate office in Barcelona, and a developer in India. We are looking for franchises because even though we are software company, we have to maintain a close connection to our client because of virtual reality. We benefit from that local expertise, knowledge, and contacts of our franchisees as we can give their offices a new revenue stream. It’s a mutual beneficial partnership.



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