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Juan Ramón Pérez Sancho

General Manager for Spain and Portugal, Grupo EULEN


Juan Ramón Pérez is an accomplished telecommunications engineer, recognized with several prestigious awards, including the COITT “Excellence 2014” Award and the CEO of the Year 2022 award by La Razón. He has held prominent leadership roles, such as CEO of EULEN from 2017 to 2023 and currently serves as the General Director of Grupo Eulen in Spain and Portugal. He also led Environmental Measures, a notable company in the radiological sector, and served as General Director of Eulen Spain. Active in various professional associations, he is the Second Vice President of AESTE and a member of the Advisory Board of MC Mutual. Additionally, he contributes to the field through his advisory role at Enabling Social Services and his collaborations in notable publications.

"Our key distinction is our specialization in various sectors rather than offering generic services."
TBY talks to Juan Ramón Pérez Sancho, General Manager for Spain and Portugal of Grupo EULEN, about growth in the tourism sector, sustainability, and human resources in Spain.
How has EULEN Group evolved since its founding in 1962, and what are the main milestones it has achieved since then?

Founded in 1962, our company pioneered outsourcing services, enabling businesses to focus on core activities while we managed tasks such as maintenance and cleaning. We have grown significantly in both business volume and workforce. Our first international ventures included Portugal and the Middle East in the 1980s, followed by Central and South America in the 1990s. In 2008, we entered the US market through a significant acquisition. In 2022, we celebrated 60 years with the group.

To which strategies do you attribute your 20% growth in the tourism sector from 2022 to 2023?

We cover both public and private sectors, including banking, insurance, education, art, culture, energy, industry, healthcare, telecommunications, transportation, and tourism. Our key distinction is our specialization in various sectors rather than offering generic services. In tourism, for example, we have established EULEN Tourism, a dedicated division providing comprehensive human resources and maintenance solutions tailored to the hotel and hospitality industries. Consider hotel maintenance: hotels operate 24/7, year-round, in diverse climates. Our dedication to the tourism sector via EULEN Tourism, underscores our commitment to providing specialized, high-quality services.

What progress is being made at the environmental level to enhance future sustainability?

First, ensuring the recycling of all waste and extending this practice throughout our supply chain. Suppliers must meet environmental criteria, including recycling, for approval. As we cannot enforce these practices on customers, sustainability and environmental processes are integrated into all operations.
Another of our initiatives involves installing photovoltaic panels and charging stations, available not only at our premises, but also to customers. For example, if a customer has not installed photovoltaic panels, we offer both options. We have doubled our fleet of electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles from 200 to 400 within a year, with ongoing expansion plans. Another crucial aspect is decarbonization. We offset nearly 100% of our carbon footprint and that of our customers. Through innovative forest management, we plant trees to absorb emissions, balancing our environmental impact. These active forests serve as CO2 sinks, and we offer customers certified footprint compensation tailored to their activities, such as planting a tree for each manufactured car.

What noteworthy achievements have been done in the social and governance aspects?

Of our 75,000 global employees, approximately 48,000 are in Spain, with the remainder spread across other countries. Our primary focus is on their well-being. Our company culture prioritizes people, as our focus lies in working with individuals rather than tangible products. Wherever we operate, our culture places individuals at the center, emphasizing respect and care for all involved. We ensure their care through initial and continuous training, as well as retraining programs. Our efforts extend to various areas, including conciliation programs and certifications in diversity, inclusion, and equity. In Spain, over 4% of our workforce is disabled, slightly higher than the global average of about 3.5%. We aim not only to provide employment opportunities, but also to integrate these people into society. We collaborate with special employment centers, offering tailored employment options and facilitating their transition to regular companies. We invest in inclusive programs, training our team and developing specific initiatives that cater to diverse groups, acknowledging the capabilities of all individuals.

What needs to be done to address the struggle Spanish companies have in finding the specific profiles they need for their workforces?

Today’s job seekers, especially younger ones, seek more than just salary and benefits. Our diverse workforce, spanning various age groups, reflects this trend. We uphold high standards through ongoing training and recruitment initiatives, including programs for recent graduates. Retention relies on providing growth opportunities and diverse projects to individuals. We prioritize talent recruitment, training, and retention, offering varied career paths. Rigorous selection processes ensure exceptional recruitment in service-related roles, satisfying both clients and our organization.

What are Eulen’s goals and objectives for 2025?

We are a consistently growing group, fully Spanish-owned and family-run, with a primary focus on expanding business development beyond 2025. Our ongoing international expansion aims to broaden our services across numerous countries, with a strategic emphasis on attracting key clients.
In 2024, our projected volume will exceed EUR1.8 billion, with a target of reaching EUR2 billion in 2025, prioritizing sustainable and profitable growth. We recognize the importance of prudent management to avoid unsustainable expansion. Our commitment remains to ensure the company’s evolution is both sustainable and profitable, as we have always upheld.



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