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MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Julian Vargas

Latin America Director, Oracle NetSuite


Julian Vargas is a business manager with over 10 years of experience leading and developing the growth strategies Latin American companies with technology platforms. He has extensive experience in cloud solutions, multichannel platforms and defining the technological architecture for finance departments.

"Mexico is an important country for Oracle NetSuite, not only for Latin America but globally as well."

Julian Vargas is Latin America Director of Oracle NetSuite.

Why is Mexico an important country within Oracle NetSuite’s international strategy?

Mexico is an important country for Oracle NetSuite, not only for Latin America but globally as well. We have clients of all sizes across industries, from manufacturing, retail, and distribution to agriculture and education. At NetSuite we are focused on identifying strategies where we can support and partner for companies, helping them make crucial decisions. Business leaders must run their businesses better, bolster their bottom lines and be focused in the profits; this new growth needs a system that empowers it. That system is NetSuite, and for this reason we had been focused on constantly improving our solution helping all the Mexican markets and supporting local regulations and local needs focusing our strategy in the small-to-medium market.

What are NetSuite’s main goals in Mexico for the coming year?

One of our goals is to keep helping all the companies to improve their efficiency, productivity, and profits. Our vertical knowledge in the local market, as well as our years of experience and leading practices are a major bonus for us. Another goal of ours is to get all employees to embody our value to care about the client, listen to what they have to say and understand the situation as it is and not just try to offer new solutions that the client may not need. Finally, our main goal is to continue to do our work extremely well. One of the areas we are highly focused on is ensuring regulatory compliance. Within Mexico specifically, many of the necessary modules have been released to be completely aligned with Mexican regulations. Another important point is that NetSuite has been a solution for unicorns around the world, and in Mexico 2022 has been extremely important because entrepreneurs have already seen that they can start working with us from the beginning. Then, when they start to enter into investment rounds and growth processes, they are growing hand in hand with NetSuite. Another chapter that is a core element for us is ensuring we help those organizations that are helping the community. We want to correct the misconception that companies need to be a big organization to be able to work with solutions that provide leading technology.



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