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Julian Vargas

MEXICO - Telecoms & IT

Julian Vargas

Sales Director, Oracle NetSuite


Julian Vargas is a Business Manager with over 10 years of experience leading and developing the growth strategies Latin American companies with technology platforms. He has extensive experience in cloud solutions, multichannel platforms and defining the technological architecture for finance departments.

“We have recorded exponential growth in terms of both the number of clients as well as the maturity of our solutions."

In what ways is Mexico facing a technological revolution?

For many years we had been observing a lot of changes in business requirements. We have been witnessing a revolution in terms of technology, and the pandemic has only accelerated this digitalization process. Many of our customers prefer to work from home rather than in an office, and the only way in which they can accommodate that is by having the technology that allows them to work remotely. We have witnessed this transformation process for many years; however, it has been significantly accelerated not only in Mexico, but all across Latin American due to the pandemic.

In what ways has the pandemic accelerated demand for your services, and what strategies are you using to keep up with demand?

We were prepared to meet this demand even before the pandemic. We had been working in the cloud industry for 20 years, so we were waiting for this to happen. NetSuite was previously mostly providing its services to large companies, which frequently knock on our doors. However, all size of companies are now also able to access these services. We have been growing steadily and have seen exponential growth over the last two years in terms of the numbers of customers. NetSuite is the first cloud-based ERP in the world, that positions us as one of the main suppliers in the market. We have a lot of companies in all the industries, such as Kavak in the service industry, Ingenio Santos in agriculture, SalaUno in HealthCare, as well as small ones such as flower delivery companies. Technology demands constant innovation, which is why it essential to be at the forefront. That is our main added value in the market. NetSuite offers upgrades twice a year and provides the latest version for everyone, meaning all clients have the same version through the upgrades as well as many improvements.

What makes the product so versatile, and how can every company benefit from these services?

We were born in the cloud, which is an important factor. We have a great deal of experience developing our solutions and have more than 26,000 clients around the world for our cloud-based ERP. We also have an important administrative division that supports these cloud services. We have a business intelligence unit that adds value to this process. Typically, during the integration of an ERP, in order to be integrated as a CRM, there has to be a technological integration. We are talking about a robust and integrated solution that makes it easy to implement within businesses. It is a solution that gathers a large amount of data for business analytics.

Can you elaborate on NetSuite SuiteSuccess?

NetSuite SuiteSuccess is a methodology that consists of a predefined process that is based on best practices and can be implemented in an average of one to three months. We are the only ones that provide a delivery service this fast. This package was created by gathering and learning from the experience of previous clients, allowing us to know how many hours we will require and indicates the roadmap that has to be followed. We have three different NetSuite SuiteSucess packages: the starter edition, the standard, and the premium. Depending on the size or complexity of our client, we have a team of specialists that determines the most suitable package for them, allowing us to service many different types of businesses. There is one package that is suitable for businesses with more than 10 subsidiaries, for example. A starter edition can benefit small stores, while the premium edition is more suitable for larger companies.

What are your main goals and priorities in Mexico?

Our main goals are to remain market leaders, and we have to continue consolidating ourselves in that area. We are aiming to record triple-digit growth year over year. To achieve that, we have to implement complex structures and processes. In 2020 we were divided by regions but in 2021, however, we are more divided by industries, and the goal is to have a stronger footprint in each of the industries. We are currently focusing on the needs of industries, because they are currently facing unprecedented challenges. Technology can help overcome these obstacles and support companies and their employees. Currently, it is important to accompany the client on their journey to transform themselves. NetSuite allows businesses to update and modernize themselves. It is extremely intuitive and makes it easy for companies to manage spending and finances in general; it is a world-class solution.

Why is Oracle the ideal partner for businesses?

We have recorded exponential growth in terms of both the number of clients as well as the maturity of our solutions. NetSuite also has a deep knowledge in each of the industries; a manufacturing industry has extremely different needs as compared to a service industry, for example. There is no other solution in the market similar to NetSuite. Meanwhile, we also focus on not-for-profit organizations to give back to the markets we have a presence in.



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