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Kamil Abu Ghanem

UAE, UAE, ABU DHABI - Real Estate & Construction

Kamil Abu Ghanem

General Manager, Al Hashem Marble


Kamil Abu Ghanem started his own business, a mosaic tile manufacturing plant, in 1978 and subsequently set up a new line of business in natural stone with Al Hashem Marble. The company has participated in various prestigious projects in the country, such as Emirates Towers, the Etihad Towers, the Louvre museum in Abu Dhabi, and the water features in the presidential palace. Currently, the company has an eye on the Saudi market.

"It is all about management; we become partners with our customers and provide project management services in order to deliver a comprehensive solution."
What sets Al Hashem Marble apart from the competition?

It is all about management; we become partners with our customers and provide project management services in order to deliver a comprehensive solution. On top of that, we assist architects and designers at the design stage with resources and new ideas. We always lend a hand at that stage, especially if they are worried about what can and cannot be done. We provide them with a factory tour and seminars on the various possibilities to show them what they can reach for in their design and make it a reality.

Al Hashem Marble has businesses in countries such as the US, Germany, and the UK. How does such international exposure benefit the firm, and what effect does it have in the local market?

In 2022, we realized good supply to the US, in Germany we supply two or three customers and are also active in the UK. International jobs attract international clients, many of whom have a presence in the UAE and we benefit from the exposure. We have experience in a number of services and are qualified to undertake any job in the stone business that may arise in any part of the world. Currently, the UAE has quite a lot of buildings and hotels which are over 20 years old and require renovation and maintenance and we have established a department dedicated to such jobs

A focus on sustainability is one of the significant developing trends in the building sector of the GCC region. How is Al Hashem Marble contributing to that initiative?

Al Hashem Marble has a 40-year history. This is our proof of sustainability: it is because of it that we are able to continue. In this point in particular, we believe that an organization is sustainable if it is able to invent and improve, if you are not moving forward then you are going backwards. You have to regularly find new ideas to be truly sustainable. When the customer needs something unique, we have to invent a solution to meet that need, this is how we grow from one job to the next.



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