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Peter Murphy

QATAR - Real Estate & Construction

Keeping It Simple

Managing Director, Quantum Global Solutions


Peter Murphy was instrumental in establishing Quantum Global Solutions as General Manager in 2007 and currently acts as Managing Director overseeing the continued growth and expansion of the company both regionally and internationally. His international experience, spanning over 25 years in the project engineering and management fields, has enabled him to lead one of the region’s most dynamic and successful consultancies offering a range of commercial, contractual, planning, and innovative media services to the construction industry.

What are the services that Quantum Global Solutions provides to the construction sector? Quantum is among the market leaders in providing contractual, commercial, and forensic planning consultancy services to a […]

What are the services that Quantum Global Solutions provides to the construction sector?

Quantum is among the market leaders in providing contractual, commercial, and forensic planning consultancy services to a diverse range of contractors and clients locally in Qatar, and supporting clients around the globe. With an emphasis on solution-based services, we provide our clients with expertly managed, high-quality, tailored services to meet specific business objectives in a professional and efficient manner. Our services are specialist and complex, but our goal is to get people talking, to listen to individual perspectives on an issue, and avoid disputes. In line with the Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030) and the developments surrounding Qatar’s hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, the pace of construction in Qatar is phenomenal with, I would estimate, 30 years’ development being carried out in the space of the next five years. The scale of the projects are enormous. According to Qatar National Bank (QNB), $183 billion of development remains to be completed by 2022. Under such a high-pressure environment, change is inevitable and this can lead to disputes and conflict if issues are not managed correctly. Partnering with Quantum allows our clients to focus on their projects while we look after their profits.

What is your competitive edge in this environment?

Quantum understands the power of visualization and how a picture can tell a thousand words, and have developed a unique multi-media presentation method that assists us in presenting complicated issues in a clear and compelling manner. Our clients are actively involved in the multi-media presentation production process, looking at what’s on the screen and what needs to be added to fully tell their story. Qatar is a multicultural country with many different languages and practices, and this in itself can cause many misunderstandings. Using this technique, we have successfully handled a number of cases triggering negotiation and amicable settlement, avoiding the need for the parties to follow a formal dispute resolution process. In our experience, the use of multimedia allows complicated issues to be presented clearly and gets people to talk and resolve construction disputes amicably. The way it used to be… keeping it simple!

What is your position in the growing construction market in Qatar?

Quantum is continually growing to meet its local and international client requirements and currently have 80 specialist consultants working for our Qatari, GCC, and global clients. Quantum’s flexible approach to working with our clients and meeting their individual requirements offers intrinsic value to projects of any size, value, and complexity, and we provide specialist consultancy support at all stages of the project, from cradle to grave, working with our client’s on site teams. I have seen Qatar grow immeasurably over the past 15 years since I arrived and am continually impressed by the vision of the State to raise the bar when it comes to new development opportunities being seized by Qatar aligned to the QNV 2030 goals to create a long-term, sustainable, knowledge-based future for the country. I am confident that this future-proofing, forward thinking will continue to move Qatar forward.

When describing the relationship you have with your clients, what are the main values that come to mind in Qatar?

Partnership is the key. Qataris are managing amazing construction projects, including many that are unique, challenging projects in our industry. It’s how you manage change within these projects that is the key to success and you have to make sure that the parties continue talking together. However, at Quantum we also work according to a company-wide philosophy of seven core values: vision, excellence, customer-focus, integrity, innovation, solution-based creativity and the Quantum family. All of these values are intrinsic in how we do our business, how we become partners with a common goal with our clients, and how we develop the highest standards of employees in our industry through continuous professional development, on-the-job training, and knowledge sharing.

Looking ahead, what is the strategy for growth you have here in Qatar?

In Qatar, we will continue to partner with clients working on the many amazing construction opportunities within the country. We feel privileged to be part of this era in construction activity in Qatar and are fully committed to our future in Qatar. We are now 80 people strong and see that doubling in the next five years. From our strong foundations in Qatar, we plan to continue to expand our operations throughout the Gulf and globally. Our current areas of focus, based on client demand, are the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and globally. The future looks strong for the State of Qatar and for Quantum.



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