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Khalid Yousef Al-Subeai

QATAR - Finance

Khalid Yousef Al-Subeai

CEO, Dukhan Bank


Khalid Yousef Al-Subeai has been the CEO of Dukhan Bank since 2014. Prior to this, he served as CEO of Dukhan Bank’s investment banking arm, The First Investor, which he initially joined in 2013. He is currently the chairman of the board of directors of Tanween Real Estate Company, vice chairman of the board of directors of First Finance Company, and a member of the board of directors of The First Investor Company, First Leasing Company, and Dlala Holding Company, in addition to his affiliation in numerous committees and companies. Before joining Dukhan Bank, he led Morgan Stanley, where he was responsible for Qatar client coverage. Previously, he was the senior financial advisor at Qatar Petroleum (QP). Al-Subeai graduated from the University of Arizona with a bachelor’s degree in finance.

“Our ESG strategy aims to deliver positive change.”

To which does Dukhan Bank attribute its successes in the last few years?

The strong positive financial results we have achieved is an outcome of concerted efforts and dedication to excellence in services at every stage of our operations. We developed strategic plans that make our customers’ satisfaction a top priority as their continuous loyalty and unwavering trust have a direct impact on our success. The simplest way to emphasize the effectiveness of our customer-first strategy is to look at Dukhan Bank’s strong financial performance at all levels. In 2021, we attained a considerable net profit of QAR1,193 million, while recording a 7% growth in total revenues, which reached QAR4.05 billion, and a rise of total assets reaching QAR110.7 billion (28%), supported by financing assets that exceeded QAR75.2 billion. Dukhan Bank has positively navigated through the ongoing economic environment generating a significant 17% YoY growth in net profits. We attribute our success to our talented and technologically savvy team of employees, an expanded portfolio of digital banking services, retail and private banking, real estate and structured finance, corporate banking and government institutions, in addition to a business model that focuses on variation and continuous product and service invention designed to enhance the customer experience. Our positive financial results reflect the bank’s strong performance, its leading position in the Qatari market, and the integrity of the risk management systems we follow. The outstanding financial achievements of the past few years were mirrored by the evaluation of long-term foreign exchange ratings from international credit rating agencies. Fitch and Moody’s ratings reflect the robustness of Dukhan Bank’s independent credit and remarkable liquidity rate, which exhibit strong financial assets position and an ability to play a leading role in the banking sector in Qatar. All these have also earned Dukhan Bank a top position as one of the 10 safest banks in the Middle East and the 10 safest Islamic banks in the GCC, according to American Global Finance magazine.

What strategies does the bank follow to expand technologically enabled products and services?

Dukhan Bank is a forward-thinking corporate entity that is always on the lookout for innovative technology to better enhance and revolutionize its service delivery. Since we declared our digital strategy in 2020, we have quickly built our portfolio of digital banking products and services that include an award-winning mobile banking app, best-in-class finance services, and the latest corporate and business banking solutions. Each of these innovations pave the way for customers to enjoy a safe, simplified, and smooth banking experience that makes their lives easier and helps maintain our position as “Qatar’s bank of choice.” These offerings include D-Tap, a maintenance-free solution that allows merchants to accept payments through a variety of contactless-enabled cards and devices; and the launch of a set of corporate credit cards in collaboration with Mastercard to meet the needs of our commercial clientele, offering a convenient, secure method of managing day-to-day expenses, supplier payments and business-to-business payments. Our bank always strives to offer its customers digital-first products and services to provide them easily accessible platforms that will enable them to be in control of their banking transactions.

Does Dukhan Bank promote ESG initiatives under its investment portfolio?

Our ESG strategy aims to deliver positive change, and our goal is to be the nation’s leading bank as Qatar transitions to a sustainable society. Dukhan Bank has a unique opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future of Qatar by demonstrating leadership on ESG. Our ESG principles include the launch of “green” products such as electric vehicle finance and “green” sukuk, as well as sustainable targets in its day-to-day operations and initiatives to work with customers and communities to improve people’s lives. As a responsible banking corporation, we recognize the importance of embedding ESG principles as part of the culture and operations of Dukhan Bank and to engage in projects which advance the broader objectives of the UN SDGs and Vision 2030.



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