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Kianda Trozo

ANGOLA - Finance

Kianda Trozo

Chairman, Protteja Seguros


Kianda Trozo is an Angolan entrepreneur. He graduated from Private Higher Institute Angola in computer science. He is the chairman of the insurance company Protteja, with 25 years of proven experience in persuading and negotiating the most appropriate mergers and acquisitions strategies with shareholders, in addition to dealing with complex macro issues of the company, providing innovative solutions with excellent results.

"At the moment, as an insurance company and for 2022-2023, we will operate in the non-life sector."
Protteja Seguros has emerged as one of the largest insurers in Angola, with new insurance products for various customers’ needs and more digitalized offerings.
What insurance solutions does Protteja Seguros offer, and which ones see greater demand in the market?

At the moment, as an insurance company and for 2022-2023, we will operate in the non-life sector. The main solutions demanded by the market today are health insurance, because of companies want to do more for their workers. Today, because of the openness shown by the government in terms of public tenders, surety insurance is also a requirement. And then, there is car insurance as well as travel insurance. We have structured specific products tailored to customers; that is, today we look more broadly. We have used alternative channels and social networks to promote our products. In the end, we will focus on all products for the private segment. We also want to invest in technological platforms that can support companies.

What innovations is Protteja Seguros bringing to the market to keep up with market trends and clients’ needs?

Since COVID-19, Protteja, like other companies, had to make big decisions. We will never be the same again. We are making and continue to make large investments, because technologies are extremely important in some processes. It is the path that we must use to achieve, at the end, the desired levels of excellence and production, because the country has taken many steps in that direction in the last five years. From a legal point of view, it has promoted several norms, decrees, and laws. We were betting on people, and now we will have to make a strong bet on technology to ensure that there is integration between institutions. It is with this integration that the expected controls and automation can be enforced. We will make a significant investment to achieve our objectives. At the moment, in addition to our website, we have a portal that we currently call Transactional Portal, where our customers can subscribe and sign up for services without any interactions with Protteja. This is not something that will happen overnight due to the local culture and technological means; however, the population and the internet are increasingly beginning to be a good for all.

The company is in the process of getting the ISO quality certification. What is the current status?

Protteja set some objectives for the end of 2022. The consulting firm has reviewed and adjusted the processes. It will invite a certification company to check that things are in place and then provide the quality certificate. Today, the law is already open to internationalization to ensure success in any of the areas we operate. We have to ensure that the company complies with local regulatory and international standards, because it facilitates compatibility with business rules that are universal. For us, preparing our application process on the stock exchange does not mean acquiring assets outside the country with high profitability. It is the shareholders’ desire to be within the scope of transparency. At any time, we can list the company to seek funding for major projects, so the company has to be valued as such.

Protteja Seguros will extend its insurance to more than 380 athletes, with a goal for teams to increasingly bet on insuring their players. Do you see this evolution happening in the country in the near future?

We have a mission that is not easy: promote awareness and improve society’s security level. In addition, a large portion of society in general sees insurance as a cost. We have to do this work in society to teach people it is a sure investment in all its nature and conception. There are initiatives of character and social responsibility that we have given this facility, and we have some teams that we provide that facility; however, we are not a philanthropic entity. We understand that society is gradually starting to realize the advantages of this investment, both for life and for the patrimonial component. We know the subject and the insurance company, from the point of view of profitability, has to do with the principle of mutualism.



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