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Leonardo Arturo Febo Romero y Maya

MEXICO - Industry

Measure of Success

General Manager, Helmut Fischer Mexico


Leonardo Arturo Febo Romero y Maya studied electronical engineering and electronic systems in Universidad La Salle in 2001 and has a masters in administration in international business. He is a certified Green Belt in Sigma and worked over 11 years as an engineer for Siemens in its division for distribution and transmission. He eventually became product manager at an international level for the company. He has been General Manager for Helmut Fischer in Mexico for over six years and also oversees the Central American market.

“We are keen to increase automation in step with Industry 4.0. We have held talks with Metalsa, for example, and this could be a driver for 2020.“

What were the company’s key achievement in 2019?

One key achievement was maintaining customer satisfaction throughout a challenging year. We sell measurement instruments, and our products are CAPEX investments, whereby the decision to acquire them involves an internal decision process. Therefore, 2019 was a year for consolidating our relationship with customers. We also seized this opportunity to train our personnel and team and be close to clients. We closed a project with a company in Guadalajara that manufactures lockers for residential homes. Its products are sold in Home Depot and other similar stores. We had another project in Obregon with Radial, a tier-2 client in the automotive industry, a sector in which our technology is in high demand. We also signed a deal with a supplier of General Motors for hardware screws.

What is your key target sector?

Automotive is a key sector, which accounts for 70% of our operations. Nearly 20% is aeronautical, while the remaining 10% is spread across a number of sectors including electronics and even the jewelry industry. In fact, we are in talks with the Chamber of Jewelers to become suppliers for the central laboratory and see notable growth opportunity in the sector. In Thailand, for example, Fischer is a supplier for Swarovski for the measurement of hardness of diamonds.

How are you diversifying your products in Mexico?

We are keen to increase automation in step with Industry 4.0. We have held talks with Metalsa, for example, and this could be a driver for 2020.

Do you hold quality certification?

We are audited by SQS in Switzerland, including our ISO 9001:2015 certification. In Mexico, we hold the PJLA ISO/IEC 17025 certification, which pertains to those firms that manufacture measurement equipment as well as their calibration traceability.

What added value do you represent?

Our products are ready for use. We have updated them for connection to robotics and other automation devices. The headquarters in Germany already has certain tailor-made products geared toward the manufacturers of semiconductors. Meanwhile, in Mexico we are mostly focused on industrial applications. We do not have an inhouse engineering division in the local market and need to establish partnerships with companies that integrate these products, say, in the automotive industry.

What strategies do you plan to implement to further showcase your company?

We are aware of the need for visibility on the media most consumed in the current era. We need to get clients talking about the benefits our technology. For example, we intend to showcase one case study of our work per month over a three-month period.

What are your goals for 2020?

We want to surpass our sales revenue of 2017, our record year that built on the numerous campaigns we realized in 2015 and 2016 to promote our technology. It was the perfect storm, because as we started to present and establish the brand, many companies were simultaneously making the move toward these new technologies. We could also potentially enter the mining sector this year.



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