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Leopoldo Gerardo Flores Arriazola

MEXICO - Finance

Leopoldo Gerardo Flores Arriazola

Director General, Sinergia Corporativo


Leopoldo Gerardo Flores Arriazola is an Entrepreneur with over 18 years of experience as an advisor and representative of companies such as Inix Nutrigo, Siemens, Palacio de Hierro, and others. In 2009 he founded Sinergia Consultora de Negocios, S.A. DE C.V., where he acts as General Director. He is also a Law Graduate with a Postgraduate Degree in Labor Law and Social Security.

“We are pleased to have reacted in a resilient manner to the COVID-19 situation.“

What was your performance like during the pandemic?

Just like the pandemic impacted the entire economy, it also impacted us, and we changed our forecasted growth. We started 2020 with many projects that were deferred in February and were eventually cancelled. Many of them were expansion plans, so we had to evaluate if it will be possible to carry them out. As for our operations, we decided on March 17 to implement a remote working plan and follow the health measures to prevent the spread of the virus. We reduced our staff and sent some of our workers to other areas of the country to cover the workforce reduction.

What are the main companies you are targeting?

Our services are for industrial companies that have an extended geographical print and a broad need for human resources services. We can work for small companies, but large enterprises are the main firms that demand our services. We prepare tailor-made proposals for our clients. It is a personalized service. We are 100% involved and are a strategic partner for each one of our clients.

What has been your experience as a Mexican company expanding into LATAM?

Latin America is complex because each country has its particularities (own specific issues). The Peruvian market is extremely competitive, and our strategy is to differentiate ourselves through an app to develop surveys for market research. Our advantage is that we have a robust app that allows us to cover the difficult geography of Peru. We offer the same service for Guatemala.

What are some of the projects you are working on?

In Mexico, we work with Grupo Salinas, which is one of the most important companies in the country. Banco Azteca, Television Azteca, and other businesses that the group has, has allowed us to collaborate for over a decade with them .

What are your current expansion plans?

This year, the expansion plans were discarded. This is a year of survival, trying to save revenue, and consolidating certain business areas. We are pleased to have reacted in a resilient manner to the COVID-19 situation. We will certainly be stronger after the pandemic.

Are you going to launch new products?

We are planning on innovating our services. We are going to launch our own software for staff management that can offer a real time service to manage the workforce. This can result in a better service and a solution that is quicker and useful. We want to launch the product in December 2020. This will be an addition that will be part of our existing packages, instead of a single service. We will offer this within all of our proposals.

What are the main challenges that your customers face?

The business climate is bizarre right now. The government has made several decisions that are not aligned from the productive sector. The government sees businesses as their foes. The decisions of the government have affected the confidence of domestic and foreign investors, and the president’s comments have not helped to build a positive business climate.



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