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Ari Berger

CEO, Berger Joyeros

Tanya Moss

CEO & Founder, Tanya Moss

How has your business developed over time? ARI BERGER Today we are seeing the fourth generation of my family running the business. My grandfather, father, my son, and myself have […]

How has your business developed over time?

ARI BERGER Today we are seeing the fourth generation of my family running the business. My grandfather, father, my son, and myself have all been involved. We started as jewelers, then after 20 years entered the watch segment. We are still interested in jewelry and watches, and are happy that it is a family business, in the hope that it continues with future generations. In Mexico City, we have exclusivity for the distribution of Bulgari, Chopard, Richard Mille, and other watch brands such as FP Journe, MB&F, and Maitres Du Temps. We have distribution agreements with Rolex and Patek Phillippe, as well as many others. It is rewarding to be able to work closely with the brands, and also the families, because many of the watch brands are family-run businesses, too. For example, Chopard is a family business, and it is easy for us to pick up the phone and speak directly to the owners. Having that level of direct communication is useful; it is more like a friendship than a business partnership.

TANYA MOSS I consider myself to be an open minded designer. In the search for something new in my life I became a designer for the Tanya Moss brand, although I am also interested in designing for other brands and projects. If I think that a project really adds value to the way my brand or work develops I am interested because it constantly provokes new ideas and approaches. What’s more, this kind of work places my brand in a more open and global position. We want to become a more international brand in the short term. Nature is one of my most abundant sources of inspiration, which is where the butterfly logo comes from. The multiple meanings of butterflies came to me and fell into place after I designed the logo; I believe it metaphorically encapsulates the evolution of people.

How do you see the potential for this sector and what trends can you identify in the global jewelry market?

AB The jewelry market has changed over the years. Each year it grows as new models are introduced. In earlier times a brand used to introduce a new model every two or three years, while today every year many models are introduced for each brand. The younger generations always enjoy watches, following the examples of their fathers and wider families. We will therefore always have a new generation of people buying watches, while others turn to them for investment. Business around the world is becoming more complicated and jewelry is easy to carry, so there is another potential market of investors that we will approach in time.

TM We have clients in Germany, France, Japan, and the US at present. We are also expanding strongly in Mexico, opening five to seven boutiques over the coming year in Mexico City. We have opened in Guadalajara and will soon be present in Queretaro. We are partners with Palacio de Hierro, a department store that focuses on brands and on the good life and luxury, and are one of their most important Mexican brands. We are being aggressive in our expansion plans, and have been growing organically, which is growth we can afford. We are creating a strategy for the opening of new boutiques. There are many plans to open in a range of markets, and all of these plans will start developing within a year or two from now.



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