The Business Year

Abdul Baset Al Janahi

CEO, Dubai SME


The ABC serves as a direct line to the US political and diplomatic establishment here in the Middle East, and we assist in interacting with the UAE authorities. We also provide the ability to meet with other Americans and share personal and business experiences in Dubai, as well as the broader region.


I think the UAE has been doing a great job of explaining to US investors the particular economic advantages that the UAE has to offer. Dubai has been very successful at marketing itself effectively as a business and lifestyle brand, and this is slowly eroding the one-sided US stereotype of the Middle East.


Health care and education are sectors that are attracting significant attention of late. For example, Duke University has a presence, and New York University (NYU) has established an amazing program in conjunction with the UAE federal government in Abu Dhabi.

John Podgore

President, American Business Council of Dubai


We needed good mechanisms for interacting socially with UAE nationals, and so we went to the Dubai Chamber of Commerce with the idea of a golf tournament. The executives thought it was fantastic and said that they would sponsor a UAE national team to participate.


There is something in the order of more than 300 Australian businesses registered with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. But those are what you would call “mainland“ companies; businesses that choose to register outside of the free zones with a government entity.


One of my main focuses is on driving business outward from here into the rest of this region and trying to find ways for us to act as a conduit for our members to do business regionally, not just in Dubai. That is where Dubai’s strengths lie.

Raymi van der Spek

Chairman, Raymi van der Spek


Business groups around the world offer companies and individuals a good starting point when entering a new market. British companies often use the BBG to develop relationships and conduct research before they arrive.


Dubai has offered relative safety and security for companies wanting to operate within the region. It is great testament to the leadership of the country that so many of the world’s leading companies choose the UAE as a base.


As the region continues to develop, and more companies see the benefit of Dubai as a business center, more opportunities will also arise. One of the best things about operating in Dubai is the untapped potential of the region.

Jonathon Davidson

CEO & Chairman, British Business Group Dubai & Northern Emirates



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