The Business Year

Costa Rica has the talent, incentives, and potential, and the key is to get inspired and think globally.

Efrain Monge

Executive President, MEDITEK

We have an integrated company, such that we have the resources to better service the market. In the beginning, we were driven by our commercial focus, though we have since started to develop other departments, and now we have an integral company. The challenge remains impacting the market and adding value to the solutions that we offer. We have the ability to adjust our offerings to the market and also grow in some different markets; thus far we have 37 small divisions, and we seek to provide integrated services to customers. The company has been in the process of innovating in the last 10 years. It will be an advantage for customers to have the ability to work with a responsible company that can adjust a strategy to the new needs of the market. Costa Rica has the talent, incentives, and potential, and the key is to get inspired and think globally. We have great initiatives such as the UCR Incubator, Carao ventures and start-up accelerator, as well as innovation hubs such as Olleria.

Josue Campos Peña

General Plant Manager, Edwards Lifesciences

In Cartago, we have grown from 40 employees in 2016 to over 520 so far in 2019. Thus far, the quality of the talent, commitment, and passion to make a difference, not only in terms of our products but also with the desire to have a positive impact in the community and culture, has been fantastic. Edwards has specific values that start with its patients. We ensure our employees know from day one that there is a meaning behind everything that we do. Our products save lives, and the level of detail and quality is extremely specific. Our strategy is to make sure we can be closer to our customers and patients. Costa Rica is a hub for talent, and it will help us to add value to the Edwards global supply chain strategy in our cardiac implant network. In terms of Costa Rica, the intention is to continue to grow the operation, so it is important for us to demonstrate that we can deliver the expected results for our customers.

Oscar Rodrí­guez

CEO, Oscar Rodrí­guez

We have been in the generics market for more than 80 years globally and for 22 years in Costa Rica, but now we have alliances with different companies in the US with whom we are working on innovations such as nanotechnology. We have other divisions like veterinarian, natural, and phytopharmacology. We have been working for five years on the introduction of our Xaikus brand in this division because the biggest market in Central America is brand; the only way to grow in the region is to have your objectives oriented to the brand area. We have a laboratory in Spain in order to sell nutraceutic and phytopharmaceutic products. Our expectation is to introduce the brand with the medical visits in the region, and to talk with the doctors and the final consumer in order to introduce our technology and innovation projects. Moreover, we have the brand, the innovation, the knowledge, and naturals in order to keep our products in this position. The generic and pharma sectors are oriented toward correction whereas the natural sector is oriented toward prevention.

Paulo Brito

Country Manager, Eurofins

There is a pool of talented people, though that pool is not that large in Costa Rica. This could be due to the size of the country. Our idea and strategy is to first build a team that is able to lead and develop others, and then subsequently bring people into the company that we want to develop. We have successfully developed these training and development teams in other countries, and the idea is to build that here in Costa Rica. Our commitment to Costa Rica spans at least the next 20 years of a long and sustainable relationship. This is true on all levels. There are ups and downs in any relationship, and if we only look at the short term then we are in the wrong mindset. We must develop a long-term vision. We are committed to Costa Rica and want to see our operations here flourish and grow.



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