The Business Year

With such stiff competition in the market, companies have to rely on innovation and references from their clients to stand out.

Moisés Vega

CEO, Grupo ENX

Our business solutions are for all types of industry because our products are open to customizations, which is something that large companies prefer. We have an excellent suite that works for almost 80% of industry while the other 20% we customize and make it happen for them. We can deliver a product that is standard and reliable as well as adjustable to the needs of our customers. We help our customers implement best practices without sacrificing how they personally do business. Our customers include the Felipe Motta wine stores, Empresas Bern, and Cable Onda. One of the biggest challenges is creating a brand in Panama so excellent that it will spread via word of mouth. There are also challenges in terms of limiting the technology because, if we import, we have a limit on how much we can negotiate in terms of prices. With the way things are in the economy, companies need to help customers survive this period. We can control our entire supply chain and production and can, thus, adjust to the market needs. Currently the market needs more accessible solutions, and we have a variety of products that will make them more productive.

Gustavo Davis

Regional Manager, CrimsonLogic

CrimsonLogic started in 1988 as a result of a recommendation from the Trade Facilitation Committee, established by the government of Singapore, to use technology to address a difficult moment in the economy. We expanded because other developing countries wanted to raise the bar and copy what developed economies were doing, similar to Singapore. Our principal markets are countries in the process of development. We aimed for Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, and our first operational business and marketing-oriented branch was in Latin America in Panama. This was the first office outside of Asia for CrimsonLogic. It was established in 2003 and went fully operational in 2011. Latin America is an interesting market, and it was a logical move. We chose Panama because at that time the Panama Canal Authority sought to put in place and develop a single window for all the advanced information needed to be submitted to cross the Canal or dock in any of the ports within the Panama Canal area. We won that tender in 2004, and subsequently established operations in Panama. Panama is a great place to serve as an operations hub.

César A. Quintero M

General Manager, César A. Quintero M

Since our founding in 2000, we have established operations across the world. Our projects are spread across different areas, notably national security, social security, maps, health, and education. Moreover, we offer solutions for data centers and enterprise applications. In terms of partnerships, we have different partners according to various verticals in which we operate; Dell and Huawei are two of our known partners. Our current list of projects includes providing airport and public security and navigation solutions for Japanese ports, among others. We only partner with firms that make a difference because there are a great number of companies that offer products with inadequate qualities. In addition, our partnerships are based on a mutual agreement where our engineers can work on mixing products. The core of our business is largely different than other companies in Panama. Each project requires in-depth study, preparation, and analysis; the whole process can take up to two years. Following that, we need to assess the proper solutions because each company wants to invest in a different set of technologies.

Pedro Soto Mora

Consulting Regional Director, Softland

Panama is an economically strong market. Our solutions can contribute significantly to the current digital transformation and to the growth of companies with our different tools. We want to include the best business practices that we have gathered from different countries for over 35 years in order to offer approved processes that allow customers to maximize their operations. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a commodity; we have tools for human talent management, a recruitment communication system, and mobile applications. For example, we have released the part of mobile approvals that allows one to approve issues of accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchase order, requests, and so on from their mobile phones. We want to focus on mobility because that is where the future lies; there is the facility for different executives to know what is happening in their company and operate at a certain level. The markets are changing. With all of our solutions, we seek to remove the technological barriers allowing the owner of the company to work at an optimal pace.



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