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Portugal is now seeing a new breed of more sophisticated and financially savvy developers seeking to better attract international buyers to invest in their projects.

Julien Dufour

Managing Partner, Odeon Properties

Odeon Properties develops diverse and unique real estate projects in prime or strategic locations in and around Lisbon. Each project is led by excellent architects that focus on preserving the culture of each asset, while using high quality products. This is a winning strategy for sustainability and exposure. From a historical theater transformation into a large restaurant and luxury apartments to large city center villa-homes, Odeon Properties projects and concepts standout for themselves. The Odeon historical theater from the 1920s was also the inspiration project that led to the company’s name. This one-of-a-kind real estate asset was carefully thought out and planned to include the refurbishment of the façade. Despite the apartment units being spacious and modern, the 900 square meter restaurant will incorporate the very essence of the historical building through the refurbishment of the original 24-m high column and pediment.

Joaquim da Silva Lico

CEO, Vogue Homes

In Melides, we are currently developing a project called Utopia that perfectly melds the concepts of integration, valorization, and sustainability; Utopia emphasizes its natural surroundings as it shapes a new natural and social ecosystem that is stable, balanced and self-sufficient. We have also formed a collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to establish a more sustainable construction technique. Utopia will be a reference point within the industry. For this project, we will be taking into consideration the local ecosystem, from concept to construction. We have involved a team of both national and international architects to design the 230 houses that will make up Utopia. It is a project whose strategic orientation is based on principles and factors. Concepts such as comfort, sophistication combined with innovation, energy efficiency, and differentiation of design will form the starting point of the complex.

Eduardo Kol Netto de Almeida

CEO, Eduardo Kol Netto de Almeida

Since the beginning, what differentiates us is that we design homes for people to live in. We focus on taking our time and investing heavily to design our properties. As we start doing the layout, from design and even all the way to construction, we always look at how we can improve properties, even after they are sold. Fortunately, we have been selling well; our biggest problem is that everything has been sold. Our base of investors is different from our competition. Many of them have big corporations behind them, while we do not. All our investors are individuals. We started with a group of three or four, and we now have around 12 diverse investors from the UK, Germany, Poland, Hong Kong, Macau, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, and Portugal. It is an interesting and diverse group. We are here for the long term and currently have plans and goals to buy two projects in the next two years. We are looking for projects in the range of 7,000-15,000sqm in the Lisbon area.

Antonio Pereira Dias

Chief Investment Officer & CFO, Bondstone

Our major competitive advantage is our investment management capabilities and the way we approach and monitor our real estate projects. We are careful with the concept and the quality of the product, and we always keep in mind that we are a private equity real estate firm, managing investments with strict investment criteria. That is a different mindset from the typical developer. We earn the trust of our investors by delivering strong, risk adjusted returns, focusing on IRR. We build, execute and manage strong investment cases. Bondstone delivers this by merging a team of highly sophisticated investment professionals with a quantitative mindset with a team of solid and capable project managers from construction and engineering backgrounds. We speak the same language of our investors while delivering investment projects that cater to very specific investment constraints.



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