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Guillermo Zarco is an industrial engineer from University of the Andes and has a master’s degree in industrial logistics from Aix-Marseile Université. He joined Latam Logistic Properties in 2016. In his prior experience, Zarco worked for leading companies in their sectors such as NCR and Terranum.

TBY talks to Guillermo Zarco

Can you tell us more about your operations and how the company performed in 2018?
We bring to the real estate sector what is known as efficient warehouses and efficient space for logistics operations. We provide the space to be leased by institutional and multinational companies based in Colombia. In more mature markets such as Europe, the US, and Asia, such real estate warehouses have a number of specifications and features that allow them to perform to the highest standards of security and efficiency.

What is the role of Colombia in your overall portfolio?
Colombia represents almost 50% of the total portfolio for the company, while our projects in Costa Rica and Lima make up 25% each. Our investors count on us to create a significant presence and become a recognizable company in Colombia since it is our largest market. Once we finish or have at least 75% of the project already leased, we expect to either move to Medellí­n or open a new project in Bogotá. We would like to explore Medellí­n, as the conditions there are different.

What can we expect from LatAm Logistics in 2019 and beyond in Colombia?
We want to be recognized as the best logistics provider, first in Bogotá and then in the country. Second, we want to consolidate our image of a regional provider for local companies and be sufficiently attractive to bring in more investors to our platform. We want to not only be recognized by our customers and tenants for our excellent service, but also attract more international investment to our platform, as these infrastructure projects need large sums of money due to land and construction requirements. Therefore, we count on our investors for continued growth.



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