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While the new port at Moí­n is a huge step in the right direction, the country must also tackle its lack of road infrastructure to the central valleys if it is to capitalize on its unique geographic advantages.

David Arias

General Manager, AIMI Logistics

In order to serve all the countries in the region from Costa Rica, we need something far more integral because it does not involve the port alone; we need to develop other areas as well, such as roads. We also need to simplify the processes at borders. We will compete to serve the entire Central American and Caribbean region, because the port will have the capacity to do so. We are also strategically in a great location. We are close to the US, South America, and the Caribbean, and our lead times to all these countries are excellent. We also need to do merchandising and develop as a country, not only all the infrastructure initiatives, including roads and the port, but also our workforce, geographic location, and logistical know-how. AIMI is a mid-sized company within the extremely competitive logistics industry in Costa Rica. What sets us apart is our tailored services that come from a focus on building a relationship with our clients. We bring our representatives from management, sales, and operations to meet clients so that everyone understands clients’ specific needs. We are also flexible enough to adapt ourselves to them.

Joaquí­n Yipl

Managing Director, Sourcing & Logistics

When it comes to the general logistics sector, there are a great deal of offerings compared to the demand for services. In our segment of the market, which is the free trade zone and manufacturing industry, there is a significantly larger boom in building huge warehouses and logistics centers. But too much is being invested without the volume. Costa Rica has been trying for the last 10 years to be like Panama, and we have opened free trade zones for logistics services, which does not even have regulations. To be sure, we hope the port will make operations more efficient. If it seeks to grow the number of containers per year, I am sure things will stay the same, because the port remains the same size. There is a great deal of work to do, such as relieving pressure and congestion at the ports. It does not mean the industry will grow because it has the same players. Throughout the country, there are more than 200 companies dedicated to the same industry as us. The reason Sourcing Logistics is here is because it was a necessity in a niche market.

Roxana Sosa

General Manager, Roxana Sosa

There will be many opportunities with the arrival of the new port. At the moment we receive ships of a smaller draft, which results in a limited amount of containers. The largest ship we receive takes about 30 hours to turn around, and with the APM terminal we will have an average turnaround time of 15-18 hours for large vessels, which will open a window of opportunities because we can process the goods and place them in the market faster. The opportunities we will have in terms of agility, response times, and so on will be world-class. If we can become the logistics and distribution center for the region, this would help create new sources of employment and attract foreign investment, which is a key point for the economic growth of our country and ensuring companies view us as the entry point to the region. Costa Rica is a small country, and when negotiations are made, they are done at the regional level because there is more capacity for issues such as quantity and handling of shipments.

Marvin Villalobos

General Manager, LOGITSA

For our customers, the port represents significant growth and is something we have been anticipating for several years now. Some of our customers experience delays in cargo arrivals to the ports because of congestion, and vessels have to go to Panama or elsewhere and then come back. The opening of Port Moí­n will significantly widen the alternatives to clear cargo and ship it to each customer in the country. When it comes to surviving in a small and congested market, we have sought to differentiate ourselves by certifying the company in different areas. First, we have an ISO 9001:2015 certification, a quality management system that is recognized by ISO in every country in the world. It also has the support of the International Quality Network (IQN) and is something that most customers demand from us, especially medical device companies. In addition, in the security area, we have the BASC certification, which is similar to the C-TPAT in the US. This ensures we have a secure supply chain from the start to the end of the process.



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