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Standing out in the booming logistics market today requires companies to be extremely flexible and adaptable with their solutions while seizing on the opportunities presented by the pandemic.

Antonio Tejedo

Vice President Investor Relations, Traxion

Logistics channels were underpenetrated in Mexico, especially those linked to e-commerce. Traxion saw an opportunity, and in 2018 we acquired a last-mile and parcel company to seize on the opportunities that the market would ultimately provide. The pandemic was the catalyst of the logistics business, mainly e-commerce, last mile, distribution, warehousing, and so on. Traxion was positioned to capture that, which was why we reported excellent results in 2Q2020 and even better in the third, which was a record quarter in every relevant financial metric, from revenues to net income. The company placed a MXN2.5-billion, unsecured bond in September, and with that we were able to repay some liabilities and shift our debt to a long-term profile. We ended up with not only record high financial metrics but also less leverage, a strong balance sheet, and a comfortable cash position, the highest the company has ever had. Traxion is not only focused on large, tier-one players, but also on tier-two players such as department stores and smaller retailers. The value of Traxion is the high-quality service together with a one-stop, door-to-door solution across the whole supply chain. We are the only Mexican company capable of conducting such services by using both its own infrastructure and that of third parties.

José Octavio Anaya

CEO, Omnitracs

Omnitracs’ goal is to help clients head in the right direction. In terms of transportation and logistics, people are normally focused on certain aspects that are extremely hard, such as the logistics operator, cargo, delivery, storage, or physical areas. However, technology has brought about a huge opportunity for data management to coordinate efforts and measure one’s performance at every single moment. We also prepare “what if“ analysis to evaluate how operations can be improved. We want to attend to the market’s needs. Everything has changed with COVID-19, starting with all the regulations. One different aspect is the last mile, and home delivery companies are facing a different situation. The advantage of the solutions we offer is that they allow individuals to control their processes and generate alerts that help anticipate some risks. We help businesses cope with challenges in a more efficient manner. We are constantly analyzing how logistics operations can be improved. Our company has the best portfolio, a broad one compared to other transportation companies. One of our solutions, for example, is called NRA and offers the possibility of getting all the information on the deliveries that have to be made the next business day. That solution helps find the most optimized route.

Mauricio Márquez

CEO, Mauricio Márquez

Impala is a global logistics operator. We were born 10 years ago in Mexico, as a service provider for the mining industry, which was one of the economic activities impacted by the pandemic. However, globally, this sector did not come to a halt; therefore, Impala had to adapt its logistics services to its clients’ needs. We identified the production units, reconfigured ourselves, and established alliances with the foreign trade processes and many other areas. We managed to establish logistics structures to cope with the emergency. Impala was extremely flexible in its operations, which has helped us respond rapidly to the effects of the pandemic. We were quick to implement best practices that other top companies in Europe and Asia were using. We introduced protocols and procedures to meet the needs of our clients and protect our workers. Our employees are our main asset, and it is our responsibility to ensure their safety. We had to reconfigure ourselves in many areas, but we responded quickly. Currently, we serve almost all sectors that need logistics solutions. All clients have specific needs, and our strength lies in developing tailor-made solutions to satisfy and meet the expectations of our clients even in the most complex situations.



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