The Business Year

Alain Eichmann

Managing Director, DSV

Miguel Florez

General Manager, Aviomar

Providing door-to-door services and a slew of regional offices helps the country's leading logistics firms stay ahead of the curve.

How have your operations been going as of late?
ALAIN EICHMANN DSV is a multinational Danish company that has been operating in Colombia for five years. Since its establishment, the company has grown quickly; however, since 2018 was an electoral year, business was slow, and we have not grown as expected. Still, we expect the economy to pick up in the coming year. So far, we have gone into Bogotá, Medellí­n, Cali, Barranquilla, and Cartagena, though we also send sales people to other small cities. In this way, we cover the entire country. Indeed, the company’s Colombia operations are the fourth largest in Latin America after Mexico, Brazil, and Chile, where we have been present for 10 years. We also have smaller operations in Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, and Uruguay.

MIGUEL FLOREZ Aviomar has an extremely long history in the logistics trade to and from Colombia, having been in the market for 60 years. The company was founded by Felice Snider, a Swiss national and authority on the international trade market. Today, we have two business lines: the moving side, which is all about relocation and mobility, and cargo projects and freight forwarding. 2017 was a fair year; we had great results compared to 2018, which was slightly slow due to the elections and Colombia’s troubles in the regional market. Our customers are waiting to see how the government develops its policies to take action and encourage people to invest in the country.

Can you elaborate on your portfolio of customers in Colombia?
AE First are the large multinationals, which we call global accounts; there you have all kinds of industries including automotive, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, and fast-moving consumer goods. Second, we have key local customers in our portfolio. This includes clients in a variety of sectors, including spare parts, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, plastic goods, and food, among others. What helps us is a solid foundation of good technology that makes operations easier and safer. This is the biggest difference when comparing DSV to its competitors. In general, all companies like DSV integrate logistics from door to door, and a sole player cannot do much to overcome logistics and infrastructure challenges in Colombia. Indeed, we have a worldwide integrated system that helps us keep the integrity of the data safe. At the same time, that helps us to be faster when it comes to giving answers to customers or providing access to information. Most importantly, it gives us full visibility of the supply chain.

MF We work a great deal with multinational companies, which are our target market and niche. Our door-to-door mobility and relocation services ensure we provide 100% excellence and commitment to our clients. When someone is being relocated to a different country for a company, they have to be ready to perform their job as soon as possible without facing problems such as trying to find a home, dealing with customs, looking for schools, and so forth. Our major goal is to make the move a smooth process for expatriates. Indeed, many clients seek one player to provide a complete service. When relocating, one does not want to have to deal with various parties. Moving is one of the most stressful processes for a person because they need to set up new roots for themselves and their families. We want to make it easy for them by having one person deal with the entire process for them. Our philosophy is that we provide a real door-to-door service that removes any problems.



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