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Loma Jaber

Managing Director, Hewar Group


Loma Jaber is an ambitious and visionary Communication Consultant and Strategist, working in the Saudi Market for the past 15 years and dealing with a diversified portfolio of clients including both Governmental and Private Sector Entities. With the implementation of Saudi Vision 2030, she has had the privilege of working with different Governmental entities and other giga projects. She has worked on the launch of the entertainment sector in Saudi Arabia with the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) for the 87th (1st GEA National Day Celebrations) and 88th National Days and supported the National Competitive Center in announcing major milestones associated with the Kingdom’s global competitiveness. She also led the creation and launch of the Saudi Customs Communication Strategy. With NEOM, Loma led with the communications team in the announcements of some of the great milestones of NEOM including but not limited to Sindalah, Oxagon, Trojena, and others. She also led the launch of many Semi-governmental entities under the 2030 Vision program.

"Hewar is a Saudi-born full-service communications agency dedicated to facilitating meaningful communication."
TBY talks to Loma Jaber, Managing Director of Hewar Group, about the group’s activities in Saudi Arabia, diversity, and the future of media.
Can you give us an overview of Hewar Group and its history in the Kingdom?

Hewar is a Saudi-born full-service communications agency dedicated to facilitating meaningful communication. Throughout our 12-plus-years journey in the market, we have created a legacy of supporting our partners in achieving their communication goals. Our passion to create, communicate, and deliver tailor-made communication solutions has evolved into a commitment to drive value across all our interactions. Today, our family includes some 120+ Hewarians, and we manage an expanding portfolio that includes public institutions, organizations, and businesses across a wide range of industries. We cover end-to-end communication journeys, from marketing solutions to corporate communications services and creative executions.

Considering the caliber of companies that Hewar Group works with, how have you remained relevant and competitive in the ever-changing media landscape?

Credibility and experience are key enablers for ensuring a competitive edge. The trust factor is decisive in the communication process. Every market is different. Being able to build your competence based on a true understanding of the background is essential because you can better anticipate challenges and track opportunities. Saudi Arabia is a place of immense growth and exciting opportunities. Recognizing the value of Saudi culture and the role of current socioeconomic dynamics in shaping the novel business landscape, staying engaged, and being mindful of our clients’ anticipations and concerns is essential to harness the fast-paced progress. Our team’s unique blend of talent from Saudi Arabia and more than nine other nations empower us to deliver communication solutions that cherish the Saudi culture and its values and are also relevant to a global audience.

How does Hewar Group approach diversity and inclusion within its media content?

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is welcoming people from around the world to seize the moment and explore its incredible wonders and abundant opportunities in tourism, sports, investment, and entertainment. The media industry leads this conversation and plays a major role in creating interactive experiences with visitors and investors from all over the globe. Meanwhile, the consumption habits of young digital-native generations and the growing popularity of digital platforms are driving the industry toward more expansion, blurring the lines among global communities. At Hewar, we recognize this transformative power and, accordingly, we have tailored our approach to meet the needs of a diverse, cross-cultural business community. Our digitally-driven approach, centered around the “WOW” effect, or Word of Web—a broader, more advanced version of the word-of-mouth effect—facilitates effective communication among global digital communities built around young tech-savvy individuals constantly seeking innovation and originality.

How would you assess the advancement of technological innovations on the media industry, and which trends do you expect to disrupt the typical traditions and norms of the industry?

Tech innovation challenges traditional media norms, and some channels and tools have become obsolete. Operations will be redesigned, creating new opportunities in the long run. Tech innovation revolutionizes how content is consumed, created, and evaluated. AI-powered technologies are enhancing efficiency and accuracy in content creation, and chatbots are already transforming CX personalization. Yet, while certain tasks can be efficiently automated, human interaction, creativity, judgment, and expertise remain critically significant in our field.

In line with Vision 2030, the government heavily enables PPPs. What notable partnerships or collaborations has Hewar Group engaged in recently?

Vision 2030’s overarching media goals encourage new business models that enrich locally created content and enhance quality, protect cultural values, and increase economic contribution in a vibrant, pro-innovation environment. As part of the Saudi communications ecosystem, Hewar is expanding to cater to a growing portfolio. With several projects with multiple government partners and exciting gega projects, we continue to nurture our capabilities, drive innovation, and deploy the latest tech solutions by partnering with start-ups and high-tech event companies.

How do you see the Hewar Group evolving and adapting to the future of media and technology?

As a versatile communications firm, Hewar delivers value through collaboration. Our future is in offering hyper-personalized services, leveraging tech innovations, and building meaningful partnerships. The B2B field is becoming more fragmented, which necessitates catering to a wide range of customers across all sectors and also offering specialized niche solutions. Also, embracing tech advancements is crucial for thriving in a digital future. This will drive more partnerships with local and international players, enabling us to focus on our core offerings while ensuring that all the other elements fit into place. In a growing digital economy, Hewar will continue to foster effective business interactions in the Kingdom and the region, while maintaining a competitive, friendly, and progressive work environment. The Hewar approach prioritizes people over technology. We carefully select the best talents in the communication and content fields, engage them in a pro-learning environment to nurture their talent and expand their strengths, and ultimately create trends with human values, even while pursuing commercial objectives. This approach sets us apart as Hewarians—unique, competitive, and edgy.



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