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Luis Ortiz

MEXICO - Economy

London Consulting Group

Managing Partner, Mexico, London Consulting Group


Luis Ortiz has been part of London Consulting Group since 1998 and became a Partner for Mexico and Central America in 2004. He is the Managing Partner-Mexico at London Consulting Group. He is based in Monterrey. He has participated in the AD2 program at IPADE, has attended the business school at Harvard, and is currently an active member of the YPO chapter of Mexico City.

"Today, we are in 25 countries, with a presence in most Latin American countries."

How has the company managed to expand its network throughout the LATAM region using Mexico as a base?

London Consulting Group was founded in Monterrey in 1991, a few years before the Tequilazo, which was one of the main economic recessions in Mexico. However, at that time we managed to take advantage of the excellent reputation we had with several multinationals and leveraged this to open projects with them in Colombia, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. We quickly learned how to open new markets and continued to open operations throughout the rest of Latin America. Today, we are in 25 countries, with a presence in most Latin American countries, the US, Canada, the Caribbean, and recently, we started operations in Spain. Mexico was the first country in which we started to operate and remains one of the most important regions in terms of its number of clients and revenue. Our corporate office continues to be in Monterrey.

What sectors are more flexible to changes, and what would be some examples of success?

We have clients in every sector, including energy and mining. We did a project with Banregio in which we helped to reduce the time it takes to authorize credit to a client. There are many areas that intervene to grant a loan to a customer; therefore, it is important to integrate them to provide the best service possible for a client. We consolidated in a layout several processes that were required to reduce the approval time of the credit to boost customer satisfaction. Notably, through our services, Banregio reduced the time it takes to approve credits to SMEs by 62% and for the loans for credit card holders by 83%, which led to a 30% increase in the number of credit cards awarded by the bank.



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